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  1. you where no better of a person for insulting ME directly for no reason
  2. there you go again, your judging ME, off of Someone else. the shame of this is you trying to stop this then saying "p.s." which sparks it right back up
  3. tsja even said the whole time I've been respectful. which I have your the one with no reason. your upset because I gave constructive criticism that you took to far to heart. learn to build off of criticism instead of trying to start arguments on other people's topics which you have alrdy done besides mine.
  4. oh this one to ME and my guild
  5. oh look multiple insulting terms and about my work and my game name! not so much different then what your blaming avoidme on
  6. hmm an insulting comment saying you can do this 20times a day
  7. this is now beyond priceless you offended me and you expect me to apologize for my criticism and because I'm also defending myself
  8. lmfao what you say about my post correcting myself? ask cherrybia. she witnessed it and told me I did correct myself. you go again saying I insulted your work what did I just say about correcting myself and criticism. this is priceless
  9. haha lmfao I said your music was obnoxious which in the dictionary means unpleasant, insult your video? I gave constructive criticism lmfao.
  10. you have insulted me without reason. you have no reason against ME, besides my criticism. so yes your right, kid ;)
  11. you obviously aren't reading correctly. if you where you'd definitely see I corrected myself. and what did I just say about avoidme coming you whether it's true or false to apologize due to the act he probably felt bad about what he did. and what's up th you and your only comeback being "grow up" or "kid"? when you have displayed more childish behavior then anyone else involved in this has.
  12. what'd I just say. and if you don't remember I corrected myself after, so please read all the posts. your points are yet again invalid
  13. just like I've said in the past, you most likely offended them being they gave up precious time on a busy schedule just to show up for a game, if all you can base your reasoning off is zak when he has tried saying he's sorry by pming you as you said whether it be true or false, you are wasting our time trying to argue here endlessly.
  14. I've read everything. there you go Assuming again. childish behavior is what I expect out of you now.
  15. there you go again, maybe he felt bad? thats for him to decide but you keep changing the reason as I'm proving you wrong. first it was because you believed I was talking trash, now your blaming it on my guild mate, stop adding reality? kid, you need a wake up call. name one thing I have done towards you. was my constructive criticism too harsh for you.
  16. act like us? please, I am talking with respect. you're calling me a kid but your displaying right here on forums childish behavior, I'm sorry we have life's other than a game, and don't waste all our money on a game? I don't know how your parent's raised you they most likely still are judging on your behavior, it's time for you to grow up.
  17. you gave a sarcastic remark before this got out of hand, or so in other words, way before, so you can't say that. if you also remember I made a post correcting what I said.
  18. by the way, the full definition of obnoxious is; unpleasant, or extremely unpleasant. if you do not believe me take a look in the dictionary. and cherrybia, since the beginning of my post, you have mildly offended me with your sarcasm. I have put effort just like any other competitor. it may not be with a story like everyone else but it gives mine more of a uniqueness then being the same with a story. if you feel you can do better, then please, show me
  19. it was constructive criticism. I found your music obnoxious. or other words a more common used term annoying, if you please, there's no talking bad about your video. just criticism that you may or may not want to hear, in the U.S. we have this thing called "Freedom of speech" as our first amendment. in our constitution. sorry if my country's ways of being able to speak out offended you. but seriously, get over it. a game's contest is no reason to fret over. you keep calling me a "kid" and to "grow up" but who's the real one being childish here.
  20. uh no, transferring a video from phone to pc, recording the vid, editing a 20minute video, to make it only 5mins, while finding the perfect music, rendering and uploading then making it on forums making sure I follow every rule. you can't do that 20times in one day. and maybe my guild's offended. the difference between what I see as a video I'd watch and a view of others is a difference. so please stop making assumptions.
  21. I'm done arguing. I didn't waste hours of my time and of my guild mates time to upload a video and start arguing. no did this not take 10mins it took me hours. editing isn't a 10min thing. your video is decent but think for a secound maybe my guild mates are offended they took time out of their busy important schedule just for a games competition. good luck.
  22. first off I didn't say other people's videos where ridiculous. I said the story's where ridiculous and cheesy :facepalm: , but let me rephrase it for you since my opinion gets people to snap on me :unknw: . I find adding a story to my video cheesy and ridiculous. ;) ;)
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