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  1. You legionner, you are top #1 arena lv4-6 ranger and never lost againts all class, i saw your rating always full wins, means u can kill all warlocks easily. Are u greedy?
  2. Its depends on tactic and how long to survive from attacking, i saw many ranger still survive from 1 stun time, then once ranger has time to do blessing, he could kill warlock just 1 hit. Same with BD, once BD has chance to do hamstring, warlock could die by a few hit. If BD can't beat warlock by 1 hamstring so i notice that BD is noob with noob gears and should amp their wpn.
  3. High amped BD can beat warlock just by 1 hamstring + combo till hamstring ends
  4. If warlock is OP, they should be top arena but the fact every i check many good warlocks on their rating, still get point of lost many times, never saw with full wins, but some rogue and ranger can do full wins in arena battle.
  5. BD has 3 yard of hamstring, some warlocks are still lost control on skill timming, then BD still has chance to do hamstring
  6. Hello. I still see many noob warlock in game, so its just very few people who playing good warlock, sure good warlock can be untouchable but the fact still many noob warlock always die in a sec
  7. The only can do by warlock is how to kite, warlock totally can't stand close from melee, even healer class is also can't only stand close, they need the way to kite or they will die easy
  8. 2x2 warlock with noob partner is very easy 2x2 warlock with melee partner is easy 2x2 warlock with ranged class partner is medium 2x2 double warlock is hard 5x5 all warlock is damn like hell
  9. Debuffer means warlock is weakest in PvE, i recommend to maximize life exhaust skill for PvE (get more heal) and maximize circle for PvP (get more stun), sure with PVP build you become so damn weak PvE especially in Norlant/kotarava.
  10. Yup Zam is right, ranger, druid, even priest could kill warlock easily. Warlock just can kill all melee easily while druid, ranger could kill all class
  11. Warning! Warlock can't be played by slow people, slow internet, and poor people with no mcoin.
  12. Lol, just now i saw him online and camp Mc in the big war, and i still meet him in arena.
  13. i think Ginis is a biggest liar, everytime i'm online, ginis is the most online player till now
  14. Dagorth the average druid in EU he killed many shamans 1v1, wtf u said druid weak! Bee is better than earthquake if you look with brain, let me explaining! Insect swamp: *reducing atk speed *reducing critical hit *causing DOT x5 with no fail *easy use, cuz it's not control skill *additional: useful for hunt, works on BOSS Earthquake: *reducing atk speed *not reduce critical hit *causing damage with sometimes to be critical but sometimes fail "dodge" *hard to use, it's control skill, lag so goodbye *additional: useless for hunt, resisted on BOSS
  15. add: PVP build: arrow, circle, fear PVE build: arrow, life exhaust, puddle Why are circle and fear for PVP? Because both skills are frekuently resist on BOSS, xD
  16. Many elves are feeling comfortable as playing BD, how retard you said it's just because of shaman and warlock. Not only ginis who rich is, Look! Hassn the richest man Mc now have made new BD class; "bestmaan", he amped his BD gears with very strong amp, maybe all +10 and always kick many average ppl of Mc, sure many shamans die in a few hit and kick warlock's ***hole just 1 hit hamstring, why hassn made a BD? Cuz hassn felt so bad with his weak barbar even if with +10 still lost againts +7 amped BD.
  17. So funny you calling warlock OP, while warlock always die againts OP ranged class. You must take a look that druid can kite melee too with still full HP after killing the melee...
  18. ioki is one of best warlock in EU, but not all warlock is like ioki, most of them are noob everytime die in a sec. Every class has the best people who plays, like dagorth is OP druid, zatzhu is best BD. So please stop whining about OP warlock! There is still many other OP ranged class more than warlock, you must know it.
  19. About warlock: 1. the worse in hunt, nobody invites them 2. the worse in Norlant, need the most pots 3. the worse in HP, i know warlock can make 3K HP with full lv18 sets but most of them just around 1.5K average 4. the most chance to die in a sec 5. the slow people totally can't play this class Now about pvp, yeah warlock OP when success putting circle on right target, how about fail or lag position? I know snorlax has tested playing warlock and felt so sick when in "under attack" got hamstring and died by a few hit of BD. Now you want warlock is worse for all?
  20. In my experience playing warlock is need a long time to kite melee, it seems that i should attack more than 10 times to DK/BD, but once melee caught me by hamstring or Thread, i suddenly dead, its like melee have chance to beat range class just a few hit. I'm sure warlock to be a weakest class in warspear if Developer will increase cooldown. I just remember when pvp with druid, the most blowing adrenaline, but if Developer increases warlock's skill cooldown, warlock will be a chicken for all ranged class.
  21. Remove circle, remove earthquake, add mutiple root, make 100+ meter scatter, so problem gone, mc gone, game over.
  22. Today, Ginis with ranger partner won arena vs shaman and warlock.
  23. Btw, warlock coming for balance population fun to play between faction, before elves were outnumbered and always camping Mc all time. I think this topic is too excessive to affect Snorlax, you never know that already many rich Mc leaving the game too cuz of same problem, but they not come to forum to whine.
  24. The whinner pretended to be Ginis. Elves rule the game at saphire is totaly true. GM team are playing this game too, so they know which one to be changed not all. To be range class is already hard time to beat melee, when the hard time is fail, it makes so sick but when the hard time is perfect sure it becomes a pleasure. To be a melee is the easiest class to play, just force the fight surviving by defense The compensation how hard playing is still exist. All mmorpgs have same issue about the class, only ppl who can play range class perfectly is OP, but the fact not all ppl can play range class, it depends on how quick your fingers to control it. Go another mmo, and check about range class skills, they have same issue, in warspear is not bad mmo like another mmo, because in warspear that melee is already able to defeate range class just 1 hit stealth crit, 1 hamstring combo that never found in other mmo, they are even worse than WS.
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