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  1. I think this isn't the devs' priority, so maybe they wont implement it nor change anything in this forum.

    Ok,but at least they shouldn't let us talking to ourselves.


    they have to say Yes or No.

  2. Yeah I know right plus the person who scammed u, u might of threatened him like 100% of ppl who beat u in PvP *z* I beat u in PvP and u say do that again and I will bring snowgoblin or something like that its irrelevant but still........ U gotta learn

    Who is this?


    You're the one who gotta learn how to read lol


    System: Don't duckin' trade/sell accounts or you will be banned,but no you guys keep sellin'/tradin' them like if nothing is gonna happen. :facepalm:


    I hope he get banned soon.

  3. Yeah, I don't see the problem. This is not a typical internet place, right?


    Even though this is not facebook because facebook is all about pictures and by sharing them all about yourself while a chat is different.  

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