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    Brdigo got a reaction from Avamanyar in tips for choosing your class.   
    for those who started playing recently find out the strongest classes do not class but the image for the powers and evolution until level 20, usually has a staff that chooses weaker characters in pvp. More characters have all features.
    Priest- good class to farm, usually pvp these classes can be long and protracted, by having a minor attack and healing power high. Curator Curator against the fight takes too long depending on the equipment.
    Necro-Good and good healing powers, like the priest's more is not equal, if you're dueling against this class and if you do not you are a healer, you died more easily, fights between necro vs healers can take too long until the power goes out.
    Barbaro- It is weak for pvp 1x1, is stronger in the arena, a good tank to farm, has no advantage against many classes.
    Paladin- good defense, increase healing power of healers and he can also heal, he is too slow for pvp, it helps to farm.
    Blade Dancer - is good against characters who use sword, picks up more staff who uses the guy plays with him, I already irritated me a lot with my bd.
    Ranger - is a major killer, with its multiple arrows,
    Mage - after the update it was very good, multiple powers in arena 5x5 help a lot.
    Shaman and warlock - classes are already angry that I have most definitely play elves in these two classes are those that we do not even play right with the Blade Dancer.has no advantage against druid.
    Druid - knowing use skills gained from various characters as the shaman warlock among others.
    Rogue - is invisible and has a good offense, more is not good against healers.
    Death Knight - good defense, good for pvp against swords, he's a little slow, has two powers of attack combination.
    NOTE : Don't ever read this as a "guide". This is such a subjective opinion and kinda joke. Only fools who will fall for this/use this as a reference.
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