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  1. Minha conta foi banida por 14 dias e não fiz nada, agora vejo que esse jogo só é uma perda de tempo... Não vou mais jogar então obrigado a todos e Adeus!
  2. the elves go 6 maps and mcs go 4 maps to get in pvp, think that's fair? the amount of mcs is much larger than the elves in the cave pvp, is change the map or create a new pvp? :(
  3. I wonder why my brother Cleiton banned permanently, he played Warspear the three years or more and deposited to help the server grow it was banned unfairly, he sold an account for a Bladedancer Rikin called the name of the paladin was Jhojackbr, you may notice that Jhojackbr is online and Cleiton banned forever, then deal with and fix what went wrong in time to block the accounts are correct what are doing, if not unlock the account of my brother we will simply find another game so maybe this Seija a farewell, I would like to apologize to some players is that. :facepalm:
  4. More permanently :facepalm:
  5. :facepalm: Not is just my brother Cleiton is banned permanently , he play warspear 3 years , he sold paladin 1 milion and another player rikin give gold in cheat engine and Cleiton banned. :facepalm: no is just
  6. if not like my guide problem of you, my druid character not lose to anyone not :clapping: a guide designed to help more ja that staff do not speak Portuguese Brazil, I strive to make a guide in English, thanks for the personal consideration. Now I know how the staff forum is bunch of stupid.
  7. was not so good, I hope you like the most :(
  8. Brdigo


    he can sell the items and delete the characters too, so why trust my brother Cleiton. :facepalm:
  9. LEGION OF BRAZIL A guild created to show that Brazilians can also have a great union, forming the legion Brazilian. Symbol of Brazil Brazil is the symbol of the shield showing a meaning, we fight to defend our honor. Swords With our weapons and our will hold the skills you kill. Wings means freedom among members, where no one owns anyone. Skull Symbol of death among warriors in battle.
  10. fake for promotion :bad:
  11. I use resi , more my attack moon is 340 Heal 194
  12. is actually playing on computer with an internet very good help, now I'm playing more on my druid Healbr, he is very good when I go against characters who use them sword barely touch me. :)
  13. Beware my druid Healbr cities of mcs. ;D
  14. I want to know where to place the image? I already completed my work, most do not know where the topic or where to put it to attend the event please help. :cray:
  15. Rokz , Reaperdark , Viictor , Caffezim , Indiveio
  16. I done quest all days and no Get itens nices only bads :facepalm:
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