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  1. be ready for update ..
  2. for symbian user how? hmmmm btw when is update for guild skill,level,etc that u said in last update? . Still no changes .except guild name,revive scroll,world chat... Still bored :( plus epic LAG SERVER CONNECTION.
  3. DEVS hi hellooow yohooo devsss ., still der? can u fixed the server connection , i have good connection i can stream yotube without buff. Why if i play warspear im always dc ,hmm maybe 3min ,5min or 6,, .. im using symbian and android device ,both same problem...
  4. im agree in gender,but in name..hmm no no no..
  5. ei ei fixed us-saphire server. .. And why alway server maintenance. .zZzZz
  6. i experience that problem, . Devs it is ok?
  7. me too i experience like sratch sound one time,then boom auto force closed. 5800 symbian v5
  8. waiting more feature
  9. kier28

    XD I HAVE 3.5

    seby where can i get unity?other ppl said,s.chest,m.box,drop hydra and demono drop.. What is true.
  10. monkey clan win. first guild in us-saphire.
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