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  1. Sapphire. Buying BG Endu gloves/boots. Pm me in-game or here.
  2. Us-sapphire Elf side Buy bg guard gloves and boots Pm me in game, Ecto Or here on forums!
  3. Handbuilt


    Buying bg guard gloves and boots Pm Ecto Elf side
  4. Is there a reason there is no quest marker to show your destination? What's the reason for this? To send us in a blind rage in hopes that we rape and pillage small villages? e- Norlant lol.. still this place sucks
  5. 5 Purify, 5 Heal, 4 Aura, 2 FoJ or something like that, Tanks aren't meant for damage.. they are meant to take damage so others dont. So obviously the damage for a paladin isn't going to be that amazing. 2h for weak stuff. mace/shield for tanking.
  6. Ahh... anyways, does anyone actually know?
  7. How does the order go with block? It is before Parry or in-between parry and dodge? What gets checked first.
  8. Alright, thanks. Do you keep your Parry at lvl1? I'm wondering if i go with a high dodge/lower parry if i need to pump some points into Parry. I was thinking maybe put it at 2 or 3.
  9. this might sound stupid, but i thought dodge was more aimed at rangers? thought you want a parry/acc set for bosses.
  10. I mean think about it.. how sweet would a Spartan costume look on a BD or Rouge.
  11. what are the chances of a site starting that actually has all the updated stuff?
  12. I need GS killed.. I'm elf.
  13. Right now I use a BD.. just wasn't sure what I should use I guess.
  14. Handbuilt


    Why not make a sub-forum for each server that is dedicated to posting trades?
  15. First character I've made.. I guess rate it, and criticism is nice too. Level 12 Health: 2097 Health Regen: 78 Energy Regen: 7 Dmg Physical: 147 Sun: 24 Astral: 68 Other: Physical resist: 17.2% Dark resist: 4.7% Crit Hit: 15.2% Dodge: 12.9% Accuracy: 9.4% Block: 2.3% Resilience: 3.2% Attack Speed: 6% Penetration: 0.9% Parry: 3.6% Is there anything I'm missing or should have more of?
  16. Just started not too long ago.. and I have zero idea what half the acronyms mean in this game.. is there a guide out there somewhere that I'm missing?
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