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  1. Can someone help me lvl up to 14 i have a lvl 13bd ??
  2. Thank you so much I'm hype to join 8) how long do we stay on the list for?
  3. Truehoner Bd lvl 12 US-sapp FS-5 Perry-2 Sap-3 Health=1670 Defense=672/ 9.3% Lordwhite Druid Lvl 11 Us sapp LB-3 HD-4 Barksin-2 Health 821 Energy 119 Astral magic 47 need help with my druid?
  4. ya im diff down to join where do i sign up :dirol: ? pls message back!!!
  5. hi everyone i wanted to join your clan im still kinda new to the game but i love it and diff want to enjoy it more i play almost everday and would if i can make more friends to play with and get help from also ill help with farming ???
  6. hi ppl im a noob pretty much need help with quest and trying to meet ppl who play almost everyday, and i help with farm and quest if possible :) hope we get to p[lay soon..
  7. im kinda new been playing for a minute now still learning trying to get some help with a few quest and make some friends in game.. drop one
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