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  1. Ineffective 😞. Internet works perfectly fine for everything else. It's not about device either, I can't connect on computer as well.
  2. Neither. It just says "Connecting..." and few seconds later "Could not connect to server".
  3. Hello, I can not connect to ws from my wifi anymore. Has my ip been banned? Why could that be and what can I do about it? I have never violated any of the EULA rules.
  4. Hello. I rode "Rules of conduct in Warspear Online" , and it says that "repeated creation of bot-characters" leads to "permanent full denial of game access", but I weren't able to find the definition of a bot character. What exactly is a bot character? I wanted to create program wich would sell my items to secondhand dealer to save many mouse clicks. Am I allowed to do that? Ty for answer
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