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When will the game be fair?

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Good ... I already play warspear des of 2014 and I always I realized the disadvantage that the legionnaires has in relation to the sentinels but I have always relieved because I liked the game only it is impossible, the game it's very unfair I with brb +10 pvp I do not shoot life of a +5 pve warden, and still I lose I with dk +10 pve I have difficulties in the astral labyrinth while warden +1 pve does not lose life ...Where is the balance? While many spend to be strong others create warden warden put the skills hp recovery 4/4 and stone skin 4/4 and become immortal it's very frustrating

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Dear player,


the game is designed for PtvPt confronts, didn't you know that?! Besides, legionnaires keep complaining the other way around, they even took a screenshot from a Battle for Castles won exclusively by a couple groups of mages. There will possibly be an update during fall with skill adjustments, as always. Hang on till then :smile:


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