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Catalytic Reaction & difficult process - Archievements




Hello, I would like to know in what types of items can I get catalysts and ethereal substances, disassembling items, if there is a required level of equipment, or if it is only in purple colored items, I need to conclude the difficult process and catalytic reaction please give tips on how to get it in an easy way, or tell how they got yours, I'll be very grateful !

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Hello there!

You can obtain ethereal catalysts from purple-colored weapons only, and ethereal substances from purple-colored gears only. 


Let me summarize a little

Catalysts > weapons 

Substances > gears

Essences > accessories


Common ess/cata/subs = grey, green, blue, purple-colored 

Composite ess/cata/subs = green, blue, purple-colored

Energy ess/cata/subs = blue, purple-colored

Ethereal ess/cata/subs = purple-colored


Conclusion : 

If you disassembly  

- purple-colored wpns, you have chance to get all kinds of catas

- purple-colored gears, you have chance to get all kinds of subs

- purple-colored accessories, you have chance to get all kinds of ess



Well, buy cheap gears/access/wpns from market or farm them from bosses.

There is no way to get them easily, it is all depends on your luck, check out the summay i wrote above ^^


Good Luck

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