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HI ALL am sexy

story about police thief he spend his young age in protecting people after he encounter criminals  they attack his family n killed his son n wife from then he start his own journey he killed all thief who killed his family without evidence n he start work as his own way own illegal business and he become rich in world spend  happy life he promoted to highest rank of police department  and he


helmet no use any hair can used

chest is cloth armor with medal highest rank of police  leather armor attach

right hand use watch left hand is had to removed from operation n he used not robot hand iron skin with metel

belt is official police belt can carry many weapons own his own

boot is captain boot flexibility and speed for fast run can run like tiger chase any any kill

eyes are in rage searching for criminals no mercy


thank you ! hope i won contest and get 10k m coin


Edited by sexyroxx
wrong size now ok done now any random hair can used eyes will remain red for any hair style bcuz its like chosen costume sunglass

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