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Ws Hip hop Set

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It was like just a normal day in the city of Altgard,the birds chirping,the hustling bustling noise of the market,the noise of an iron being hammered by the blacksmith,chatterings,jestings,laughters..etc.. but it was no ordinary day,a strange boy wearing a yellow jacket with a cap and with sunglasses walked down the street, everybody were so surprised,most people wondered who the heck is this strange weird looking guy,while some think he's kinda looking cool.The same question were asked among themselves,well,nobody knows,so they decided to ask him who he was and where he was from,he just answered," I am from the far future,of course none of you will understand 

what im talking about",then,he started explaining how he ended in the city,how his friend's time machine which was meant for a prank was spelled by something ancient,how  he is trap in Arinar,but he doesnt seem panicking or  sad,he is still cool as he is,just walkin the streets like its his world. The people cannot stop staring at him,of course some ladies started to like him..........


His jacket is of course made of cotton,and a little synthetic fibre,while,his cap  is made of gold linen,gold threads and pure cotton,his pants is made of wool and cotton,and his sneakers are made of synthetic and a little magic to enhance walking,his sunglasses are made of...glass,you know,to look dope ,coolness,XD      ,, [The W logo in the cap is removed at the updated image as it cannot fix as well as expected as the pixel squares are reduced]



Well,thats it,i cant think of any other way to continue the story, i know its not that......


I hope you like my Costume ;) ,Thank you.

Name: Renglalz

Server: Us sapphire   


Note: The ones with the lesser pixels are the updated version.















Edited by RenglalHmar
Image fixes
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 didnt know where to shrink the img size,used some app,as its displayee above,it only shows.link that cannot be accessible

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