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Hello everyone, my creation was created after a good few hours of work. I wanted it to be related to warspear online, but also to be original and have an element of love as the closing date is the 15th which is a day past Valentine's. I also wanted to create a costume which would be unique but also fit in with warspear online colours and themes. So here it is :advise:



RightView.thumb.png.d0f6cc891d9d601497c77d4e1c57c1a9.pngNewBackLook.thumb.png.16a2d9d4f5ea2491a6ce9286925fbf55.pngNewFrontLook.thumb.png.a71b7c66a354ae853a451bdffe98c6eb.png LeftView.thumb.png.33550e647b93808ef9fbf828057f76e8.png


Years had passed after the lands of Arinar had separated, it was far from peaceful but that's to be expected from a world full of wondering hero's. Both evil and good had been facing each other in battles far greater than anyone could imagine. Only best of the best were capable of defeating their enemies while staying alive, hero's with powers greater than the rest. Axil, the world's most powerful priest, who had defeated enemies bigger than himself; Hydra, Koronus or even Spawn were no match for him. Everything went the way he planned, except one thing. He was the greatest but was unhappy, as he never got to taste what true love really feels like.


After sometime Axil decided to travel back from Irselnort to Langasard, back to his home land where he planned to help with the training of the next generation of warriors. Just at the port he decided to enter one of the local business, the journey got him hungry and you can't train with an empty stomach. After he entered he couldn't believe his eyes, his childhood friend was working there, Anna. As children Axil and Anna loved to play with one another, but unfortunately Axil had to train and join the army unit to make his land and father proud. Axil asked Anna if she wouldn't mind spending some time with him after work, to catch up on stuff. Anna agreed and Axil left the place with a smile, he didn't know it yet but it was a start of something much bigger than he him self could even think off.


Axil and Anna had great time that evening, they talked alot, told each other stories and laughed. Weeks had passed and they both spend every time they could together, before Axil knew it, he fell in love. He loved how her eyes twinkle, how her smile shines and how her personality speaks. He was unsure how to tell her how he feels about her, because after all he never told any girl his feelings as he was never truly in love. 

One afternoon Axil decided to tell Anna everything, how he feels about her. Unfortunately after he told her everything she was awkward and didn't want anything else than friendship, she said "Axil, don't get me wrong. You're cute, real cute... But I just want to stay friends".

Axil was heart broken, for days he wouldn't eat nor socialize.


Two weeks had passed, and Axil decided he wasn't gonna give up on the one true love. He told himself if she won't love him, then he'll make her love him. That morning he looked into a spell book, unfortunately there was only one love spell, which he had never heard off. Axil had to gather two materials for this spell, an item of true love and true hate. He knew that a piece of Anna's hair would do the trick for the true love item, as he loved her more an anything else he could imagine. But he wasn't certain where he could find proper item of true hate. He asked his old mentor and they said "Legend says that the Garahan, who created the evil was held underground in the lands of Ayvodil before his final escape...". Axil listened to the full story and decided to go visit the caves of Ayvodil in search of the dragons scale, which would act as an item of true hate.


After two days of rest, Axil traveled to Ayvodil to find the cave in which the dragon was under captivity in. After many hours of search he didn't find a single thing, just when he was about to give up an stash of rocks got his attention. He moved them away and a path opened upon him. He entered the cave of the dragon. It took him hours of looking around but he found it, a half of a dragon scale. This would be enough to create a love spell. Unfortunately as Axil picked it up, an massive energy of evil went through his body, the scale was so powerful that it had corrupted Axils body. It has turned him into an evil human being, the scale had so much power it has grown dragon wings made out of pure hearted on his back. His white cloths had turned black. Axil had became known as Priest Of Corruption as he traveled terrorising people all over Ayvodil. When suddenly he disappeared.


The legend says that Priest Of Corruption is now an minion of the Garahan. He's under the influence of the darkest soul which ever stepped on Arinar. It is said that only the kiss of true love could save him, unfortunately no one knows where he is..


I hope that the story was enjoyable and entertaining. :hmm:It was fun working on this project and I can't wait to see the results :happy:


My Snapchat, for those wanting to ask any questions about my creation.:flying-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:



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Had some spelling mistakes I wanted to fix + Updated the pixels on the image. Also added both sides view :)
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2 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

1. Are warspear costumes allowed to have religious aspects


2. Why did you have to add your snapchat

1. It doesn't have an religious aspect, saying priest represents a class choice, Cross is there for decorating purpose. :flying-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

2. I added it so people could ask me questions if they want so, because honestly idk how to work this site much :boohoo-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:and also because I have a YouTube channel so I'm giving myself every chance possible to expand upon it :floating-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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