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Beginner's question

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I am planning to begin again. I want to go for a Druid, Blade Dancer or either, a Paladin.
I like defensive classes, and I would like to begin with something solid, any advices on skills, leveling up or gear is very welcome.

Thanks in advance!!!

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they're all fairly defensive, however if you want to do pve (player vs environment) go pala or druid, they help for solo too sometimes. I know there are a lot of new players who go bd, so if you are new, go bd as it has a good mix of dmg and def.


levelling up, use xp pot from mcoin store. However, if you are a f2p player its still fine to lvl without pot.


warden is also probably the best tank, so imo i would go warden, but i cant give a solid build on it because i've never tried it myself, but im sure someone else would be happy to help with that.


Happy Questing!

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Hi there!

To access all the content regarding the classes in game and make the best use of it, please access the link below. If you don´t finde the best guide for your classe, you can create a topic in any section and ask to our community! 


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