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join party + XP


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I am a French new player in warspear onligne and I have few question. Thank you if you can help me.

  • What is the interest of joining a party ? Share quests, XP, monster gift ?
  • How to gain XP ? Quests only ? Kill monsters ?
Thank you
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Ho there:)


- Te biggest advantage of being in pt is .... FUN!! rest is silent;)


- You gain XP by doing quests.. only;) srry bro;) its not WOW:D

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if you are in a party, all the party members get credit for any kills by other members, and you can pick up loot from any mobs or bosses killed by your party. But you must be in the same screen as your party to get kills/loots


And By "Credit"  I mean your quest objective will progress, not "credit" as in gold or xp


Also, you can view your party members' hp and mana on your screen, and your party members' location will be shown on map and minimap, and their names will appear in green, instead of white.



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