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  • Event is split into 4 stages
  • In each stage, your guild has to escort NPCs through few locations full of mobs to a door at the end where you have to then complete unique objectives





Key Mechanics:

  • NPC will move when there is atleast 4 members within close proximity to the NPC
  • Mobs will start spawning infinitely when atleast 1 NPC has entered the location. Only when all NPCs have crossed onto the next location, mob spawn cycle will end.
  • When NPC hp falls below a certain threshold (~25k hp), NPC will be stunned and will regenerate its hp to full over time.



  • Prioritise standing near NPCs before attacking mobs
  • Always stick with NPC at the furthest back







Objective : Protect NPC from mobs



Key Mechanics:

  • After activating NPC in the center, NPC will activate four crystals in a clockwise manner
  • Activating each of these crystals will spawn waves of mobs where the guild needs to kill






Objective : Destroy door



Key Mechanics:

  • Activate the door at the top of the location to trigger mobs spawn from bottom of map
  • Only way to damage the door is by killing the mob “Alchemical Bombardier” near the door. When bombardier is killed, they release a 7x7yard area of effect which damages the door





  • Everyone to group within 2 yards from door - only kill bombardier near door
  • Avoid using any AOE control skills such as:






Objective: Move stones from left/right rooms to center basket



Key Mechanics:

  • Once any player entered into center room, mobs will start spawning adjacent to each tomb
  • For left/right rooms, mobs spawn will only be triggered once a player take stone
  • A player can only carry 1 stone at a time
  • Mobs will prioritize agro on players holding stone
  • ~ 18 stones required to pass the stage (estimate)





  • Gather atleast 30+ members
  • Coordinate all members to gather beforehand - enter into center room together to minimize members dying
  • Ideal method
    1. Gather everyone near stone - no one should take stone yet
    2.  Use guild skill “ image.png.e3e8fbf38cb178f17908d805009d7030.png Guild Blessing”
    3. Take stones together and place them into center basket


  • If “ image.png.913dacfd0882d7e5f0e5b6a18de24438.png Guild Blessing” is not available
    1. Gather everyone near stone
    2. Everyone use shield scrolls image.png.c6ed965f40119618a7b807b7d92558ed.pngimage.png.36c88e7856fbead31cc89727535def8b.png or guild skill ” image.png.4e908af84b6b0fd11d5ba1744e06843f.pngGuild’s Patronage"
    3. Take stones together to center basket


In this way, you are most likely to lose some members to mob.


  • May combine both methods if blessing method failed






Objective: Clear 3 rooms by protecting an NPC from mobs.



Key Mechanics:

  • Activate NPC at room to trigger mob spawn only in the specific room
  • Mob spawn adjacent to tombs (6 tombs in each room)
  • To clear a room, must keep NPC alive for 1 minute – timer begins after activating NPC



  • Priotise killing mobs immediately after they spawn
  • Right room is relatively the hardest room to clear – gather atleast 30+ members to clear right room
  • Up and left room are relatively easier – recommend splitting 15+ members in each room




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