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post-37478-0-04314000-1434019424_thumb.jpgRise of Blossom

Boss Name: Blossom the Guardian Fairy.


Boss Status:                       

          HP – 700k. (HP regains 180 / sec)

          MP- 500. (MP regains 5 / sec)

          Damage - 400 physical/2 second. 500 magical / 15 second.

          Defense – 5% (phy) 8% (magical)

          Type – Nature & earth

          Skills - 4 passive, 4 active.

          Size – same as faceless.

          Level – 28.

          Range – 4 yards

Spawn time – 20 minute.

Boss Skills:

Passive skills: 


Awaken – Whenever a party or a player starts hitting Blossom, She Spread a Curse to all among the players (MC & elf both type) in that map that causes bleeding 5 HP / second. It will continue Until Blossom is owned or party stop hitting the boss and move from the room. (Every player online in ayvondil on that time will start bleeding but it won’t send the player in battle mode so he can use shops and do other things. Doesn’t work inside PvP.)


Damage Blast – When Blossom’s HP goes down to 40%, she will start absorbing 5% damage taken from the players and minions automatically and will return it with a blast after every 15 seconds Causing an Area effect. It will work on everyone present in the room, even the minions. (If a party provides 300DPS x 5 players, that will be 1500 damage / second and 22500 damage in 15 seconds and Blossom absorb 5% of it. That makes 1125 area damage blast in entire room. So people have to be careful about all the damage they provide and the minion’s strength. (Critical hit doesn’t stack with this skill)


Stealing Heal – Every 5 minutes Blossom have a 20% chance to steal the Healing skill of nearby Healing  characters and it will work on her for 30 seconds. The amount of heal will depend on the magic power of the healer. (If she Steal Priests / Necro’s Heal, it will heal her every 10 seconds, and if she steals Druid’s/ Shaman’s heal, it will continue until the time period is over. Link skill will work only once if she has a minion at that moment. But with link the heal is limited up to 7k HP)


Bless of Blossom – When Blossom is defeated, she accepts her defeat and bless all the nearby players with a Shield that can absorb 10% damage taken. This shield will stay 30 minutes. (this skill is optional)


Active Skills:


Reflection Mirror Whenever Blossom active this skill it will stay 4 seconds. While this skill is active if any player hit him with any damage skill, she will reflect it to the player with same damage. Mana Cost 100 for this skill. This skill won’t work if her HP goes down to 40%.


Hypnotism – Boss will hypnotize any one nearby her to act like his guard and fight other party members. This skill will stay 7 seconds on the hypnotized player / minion and she can use this skill once in a minute. Mana cost 250. Minions have 5 % chances to be Hypnotized permanently.


Bless of fire – She call upon the fire god to help her and the area surrounding her starts burning and cause 50hp / second to all the players within 5 yards. This skill won’t work within 1 yard of her so she won’t get affected from her own skill. Mana cost 100.


Enemy in love – She spread an Accent surrounding her and force nearby players fall in love with her and stand still watching her beauty. The player will be stunned for 3 seconds and this skill works only within 2 yard range. Mana Cost 150.


Boss Guards:


      1) Defenders of Blossom. (Those are the main guards of Blossom. within 30 minutes all the 4 guards need to be killed or entrance to blossom's room won’t be open. if 1 spawn again before kill the rest of 3, the gate will be remain closed.)

           2) Guards of the Sage, Defenders of the Full Secret area. they try to protect all the four guards and Blossom. (Any ayvondil mobs can be included here as her primary guards of the secret area.)

                    3) Betrayer- Inside Blossom's Chamber players can Hire a Guard Of blossom for 10k Gold. this Guard will have 50% less stats then main Guard. But remeber this Guard can be Hypnotised by Blossom. This Guard will Stay 4 minutes if not dead or Hypnotised (This Guard is optional)


Guards Stats:


Defenders of Blossom

  1. HP - 150k. (Regain 250 / second)
  2. MP – 50. (Regain 2 / Second)
  3. Accuracy, critical hit ret, evasion – 5%.
  4. Damage – 150 physical / second and 300 magical /10 second.
  5. No. - 4. (Location will be shown in the map location)

Guards of the Sage

  1. HP – 9000 (2x ranger and 3x melee).
  2. Damage – 120 / 2 seconds.
  3. Accuracy, critical hit ret, evasion – 3%.
  4. No. – 5x together in 6 yards area. (3ranger 2 melee)

Guards Skills:  

Defenders of Blossom

Earthquake Cast a powerful strike on the ground and cause stun nearby players for 2 seconds. Mana cost 20.

Power of Nature – Raise his own Defense and physical damage by 20% after losing half health. Mana cost 20.

Everyone is enemy – Change Target Randomly after every 25 seconds. Mana cost 5.

Boss Drops: 

  1. Princess Blossom (female). prince Ziron (male).
  2. post-37478-0-05605500-1434019427_thumb.pngpost-37478-0-32124700-1434019430_thumb.png

Ziron’s costume is optional.

      2) Ziron's Sign (Unique type of sign has a chance of 60% success ret to amp +1 at any amp level. the item won’t be destroyed if Ziron's Sign failed. drop chance 7%)

          3) Zenith's Enchanted Crystal {this crystal will increase 30 phy or magical damage permanently on great charm for two handed weapons. (Example: if the weapon had 53 phy damage with great charm, it will be 73 after using this crystal if success) And for 1 handed weapon it will be 15 if success. Drop chance 8%}

          4) Signs / Unity Sign’s / G pots / U pots / Experience pot. Drop chance 20%

          5) Essenes / catalyst.

                   i) Common (30%)

                   ii) Amplified (20%)

                   iii) Energy (10%)

                   iv) Ethereal (5%)

  1. Defense and Damage Spree III (60%)
  2. Bars (all type)


Minion Drops:

    Defenders of Blossom

  1. all kind of 20 level weapons. Drop ret 10%)
  2. Bars (all type. Drop ret 20%)
  3. Defense / attack Spree III (Drop ret 30%)
  4. Minions Cache (Drop ret 12%)
  5. Signs / Unity Signs (Drop ret 5%)
  6. HP / MP potions. (Drop ret 40%)

Guards of the Sage

  1. Defense / Attack Spree II & III.



Hello Everyone. i want to ask a question to all the War Spear Gamers, Do you guys know what’s the real story of War spear? Why Sentinels and Legions are enemy? How they Became Enemy? What was the Secret of this long never ending war? i guess none of you know the Story. So m going to let you know how this all started. I hope you all want to know. Ok let’s start from the beginning. Once upon a time there was a Kingdom of fairies named Artheron and the King was Dronik the Legend. He was very Gentle and caring about all the leaving things in his Kingdom. Dronik had a Beautiful Girl, Her name was Blossom. Her Beauty was Beyond Comparison. She was like her father, very kind and Caring. She lost her mother when she was only 3 years old, so she was a pampered child of her father. Dronik had everything in his kingdom so he had only one dream that he will find a Perfect match for his princess. So he announced a competition which will find the best match for her only daughter. So the News spread away. There was a legion King named Celion who had a son named Ziron.He was Young and Very brave fighter and Intelligent too. Ziron was mastered on a special Ability. He invented a Formula to make a Rare Amplification Material that can amplify any weapons or armors with a great success ret. He was knows as Master of Amplification, and the Formula was named Ziron's magic. His work was on process when the news came from Artheron. So Celion decided to send Ziron to participate and make friendship with Artheron Kingdom. At first Ziron denied because his Invention was not complete yet but his Father was determined to send him. So later he agreed to go. When he reached to the kingdom of Dronik He found many more princes from different Kingdoms. So he knew it that it’s going to be a tough competition. The condition of the competition was to impress the Princess with something special. Ziron was pleased to know the condition and planned to complete his invention there and gift a new amplified dagger to the princess that will be Unique. But Ziron didn’t know that one more person was present in Artheron with another Unique Skill of Enchantment. He was from another Legion Kingdom named Armadigon. His name was Zenith. He was not a great fighter but he was very clever and Skilled with his Ability. His Enchanted Weapons were best in all the Legion kingdoms.

          The next day competition Started. Each and every prince came from different kingdoms started one by one to show their own skills and knowledge to the Princess and tried to impress her but princess was not much happier until she found the last 2 weapons. One of them was a sword and other was a dagger. She was surprised to see the unique enchantment and Amplification of those weapons. She asked the creators of these weapons to come in front and introduce their selves. Ziron and Zenith came in front and introduced their selves. Princess was very pleased and asked them about the Uniqueness of the weapons. Both of them described the things they made.

After listening to them princess decided to think about a little more and choose the best among them. She said that the next morning she will announce the winner’s name. And the Competition was over for that day.

          That night Princess went to sleep and something strange happened to her. She saw a Nightmare about the two unique skills of enchantment and Amplification. She saw the evilness of those skills. How people will use these skills in bad way and it will turn into a destructive invention. She was awake after dreaming the nightmare. She never felt such fear before. And she was much tensed how to destroy these two skills.

          The next Morning She called both Ziron and Zenith to Discuss about the skills. She asked them how they going to use these skills. Both of them said that they will use these skills to make their own Army Strongest in all the Kingdoms. Princess became sure about her nightmare but she didn’t let them understand anything. She asked both of them to let her allow reading the skill books personally for one night. And the next day she will return it. Both of them agreed and princess took both the skill books, bid them good bye and went in.

      That night Princess took the both skills with her and Disappeared without telling anyone anything about her. The next morning the news spread that princess is nowhere to be found. Ziron and Zenith was Surprised at first, later they realized and became angry. King Drakon Fainted after hearing the news and sent all his soldiers to find out the princess. But everyone failed to find her. A rumor started spreading that darkness took away the princess.

          Zenith and Ziron became desperate to get their skills back and went to the king and asked their skills to be returned. King was very sad at that moment and He became very angry after hearing two of them.  He ordered his Soldiers to take them in prison for threating the king.

When Celion and the other legion kings came to know these, they started preparing for a war against Fairies. Elves were the friends of fairies so they took the Sentinel side and a great battle started among Sentinel and Legion.

Years have passed but this battle is not over yet. And the princess was never found again with those two unique destructive skill books.

          After searching for years they found a place where the princess took shelter and mastered those skills and raised her powers to protect them from evil minded Humans and elves. She is known as Blossom the Guardian Fairy.

Boss Location:


          The Boss can be found in Ayvondil map in Telacos Part. From telacos town players have to go to the thundering waterfalls map. There they can found a way to the Astromancer’s hall. The way to Blossom’s Secret Chamber is shown in the picture. In the Chamber Blossom is placed in the center hall, and his four guards are in four corners as shown in the picture. Players have to defeat all the four guards before entering the center hall.

B = Blossom. G = Guard of Blossom. à = way to the chamber.

Extra Info:

  • Guards of the sage are not added in the pictures. Moderators can add any Mobs from the game as they want.
  • Zirons’ sign and Zeneith’s crystal can be modified if moderators want.
  • The skill of Blossom Awaken can be modified if needed.

Important Notes:

  • The story was reasoned as a war between sentinel and legion. This is totally my imagination. If there is any other story about the war between two factions then I would like to apologies because I didn’t knew It so I made this story as I want. I hope people will like it. J
  • I would be very thankful if people read the entire post from top to bottom and then post comments. If anyone have any good suggestions for my boss please add them in comment I will try to develop it J
  • The pictures of bosses and costumes are made by me only. There is no copy issue with them. If someone found any similar looking pictures please let me know. I will try to change my pictures if possible.
  • Blossom is a Princess and she is not evil kind of boss. But still war lovers would love to fight with her. She is designed like a princess as mentioned in the story. I hope people will like her J
  • The costume of Blossom is Female so I included a Male costume named as prince Ziron. That is optional as I mentioned,
  • I hope everyone will like it. Will wait for your valuable comments.
    • Regards


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