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Wodin - The Crow summoner

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Wodin was a leader of a legion in great war of spear. He fought valiantly against elfs but in last battle of war he lost all his men. Forsaken warlock leaders blamed him of defeat and they sentenced him to lose his eye. They took his eye out with a dagger heated in a campfire and left him in battlefield. He almost bled to death there but he awakened to a crow pecking his hair. He survived and noticed that he can speak to crows and summon them to help him in fights. Now he blames his former allies as well as his enemies of his fate. He seeks vengeance and kills anyone who comes too close to him and his crows.


Wodin has 450000 hp, he has two crows as minions that helps him in battle. Each minion have 60000 hp. I hope he is in the end of a nice instance. I would like him to drop high lvl weapons or damage rings/ amulets.


Wodin skills:


Toxic fog: He summons a toxic fog that does some DOT for all party members

Bad Breath: He lets loose some foul air from his mouth, that makes tank run away (like warlock fear)

Mirror Shield: Shield lasts for couple of seconds. If he is attacked when shield is active, the damage returns to attacker.


Crows skills:


Pecking: Does repeated damage on enemy. (like ranger with blessing)

Heal Daddy: Heals Wodin some hp

Steel wing: Higher damage attack


I hope this is enough for story and behaviour/ skills :good:


Then the picture:








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