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Is that a scam?


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There surely are a lots of things that I haven't seen yet.


In this case a player asked me today if I wanted mc coins. I replied that I did. Well, then she asked my id. She said she is quitting warspear and wanted to transfer her mc coins. So  I gave my account id to her and after that she asked for my password. Well, I kind of smelled a fish then. So I politely thanked her, said no and went offline.


I am wondering now if that player was trying to scam me. If someone wants to transfer mc coins, then only id is enough, isn't it?


EDIT: Look like it really was a scam. Here are details about the scammer-


Name- Templaria


Server- US.Sapphire

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Def, a scam. Mcoins cant be transferred. Never ever give away your id, email or password to anyone. Even if they offer free stuff or claim to be staff members. Scams.

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