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Stranger - (Prototype/EU-MC)

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‘War has never benefitted anyone’ the stranger pondered as he skewered his dinner over the fire; a molerat he had found trying to hide from the punishing rays of the Almahad sun. The night was eerily silent, a notion the stranger found amusing considering the great wars that continue to haunt the lands beyond the sands. He looked up to the skies, the faint glow of the bustling city of Er-Sahail could be seen behind him, travelers would soon come to trade with the sand people.


He knew what was coming, an abundance of trade that would flourish and reach new heights with the new trade routes. The secrecy of the sands were soon going to come into the open. Almahad, although only a fragment of what it once was after the split of Arinar, still had vast power and influence.


He took a bite of the rat and winced, the meat was rough and dry. He let out an involuntary snort at that moment, ‘’A lot many of them are going to die, aren’t they? ‘’ he questioned to no one in particular. The sun was its greatest ally and also its greatest weakness, the heat could kill you if you were without proper gear and if you survived the sun, the sands had a mind of their own and could swallow you up whole if you didn’t know what you were doing, while the night grew bone chilly and that’s when the assassins both human and not, liked to make their move. Almahad was a land that gave plentifully but also one that takes mercilessly.


The air around him wavered a little and a voice not his own echoed from the emptiness ‘’I bring news’’. He quickly unsheathed his scimitar dropped to the sand, rolled and repositioned himself to face whoever had spoken and saw that it was one of his shadows. ‘’damn it!’’ he said as he stood up, ‘you are going to give me a heart attack the way you sneak up on people’’ there was no reply ‘’so? What news do you bring? ‘’. The shadow replied ‘’visitors are here’’.


The stranger stood up, it still perplexed him how the shadows could move in the darkness unseen and unheard ‘’very well, I guess it is time’’ he remarked as he dusted his knees from having to do that embarrassing stunt ‘’you know, war is coming’’ he said as he looked fondly at the city lights glowing like an aurora in the far night sky. ‘’the only question is when… hmm enough with my incoherent ramblings, let’s get going. Put out the fire will you? ’’ he nonchalantly directed to the shadow as he swished his scimitar in the air and with a blinding light and a small pop the stranger disappeared. The fire flickered and died as a cold wave of air engulfed it.


‘’yes my liege’’ the shadow replied as it blended in with the night, becoming unseen again.

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Fun read.. can imagine it being a cutscene for the expansion of the new map if it was a major pc mmo.... The identity of the stranger could be anyone that you can only find after playing the game.. mysterious and engaging story, well done :clapping:

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