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Nuel, Eu-Emerald, Thirsty in the Almahad Desert.

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"Thirsty in the Almahad Desert"


After discovering the Almahad Desert, many Arinar adventurers began to explore the Desert. It was new to all of them, they were so unfamiliar with the place, it was so hot and sandy.


They had difficulty walking on the sand and the hot sun burned their skin. They were very thirsty, they even hallucinated seeing a bunch of cactus plants, which they mistook for water. It turns out that the cactus is not just a plant, but  a monster that lives in the desert.


They struggled to fight the cactus. Then a magical thing happened, after the cactus monster was killed, it released water that was so clear. Being very thirsty, they drank the water that came out of the cactus monsters they killed. They are very grateful because the water they drink is very pleasant to swallow, it tastes like coconut water, which is very refreshing.


After that, they continued their journey and found a new building, namely a Pyramidyyyyy. They use the Pyramidyyyyy to rest before continuing their journey  to venture into the vast Almahad Desert. These Arinar  adventurers can't wait to see more new things in the Almahad Desert.

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