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The Happiness

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  Hi, first of all I would like to introduce myself. I'm a player from Brunei Darussalam and I'm Izanami from the guild 'Kaizan Clan'. I'm playin on Eu-Emerald server as a Mountain Clan. I've been playing MMORPG for quiet a long time. For me, friends are everything in the world of MMORPG. Without friends, MMORPG is nothing.


  Before i knew Warspear-Online, I play other MMORPG. The name is Heroes-Online (not real name). There, I met many friends. I form a guild. I fight for our smile. However, the day passed qiuckly, one by one my friends abandoned me without leaving a single word. I was full or loneliness.. I know, everything that begins will be ended one day. But, I can not accept it. Since then, I decided not to play MMORPG anymore. I don't want to be abandoned again.


  In early 2011, I found Warspear-Online in a forum. I wanted to try it somehow. I asked myself, " Should I play?".


  Then, my adventure began as a weak little Rouge. I was full of blankness and loneliness. By that time, there was not a lot of player from Brunei. However, I managed to find two Bruneian players. Their name is Eno (not real name) and Neox (not real name). I was very happy. We shared the joy together. Until one day, they disappeared from me. I was surprised. I was abandoned again. I hate this! I hate this! Why? Why my happiness is always ended like this? The smile I built all this time turned into a grief. I quitted for a a few months.


  In the mid year, I did not give up. I return to play Warspear. But this time I'm not alone. I brought my cousins. I consider them as friends. Their nicknames is Perillys and Bezict. Once again, I shared the joy together. But not as a friend of Warspear, but as a real friends. to forget my past, we both keeps laughed and laughed. We were happy being able to helped each other. I was hoping that this happiness will stay forever.


  Day by day, I met many friends. Among of them is Akemichi, Cbob, Nomana, Banner and the others. I managed to forget my past until one day a friend suggested to form a guild. I was startled for for a moment. I recalled the story of my past. A guild? A guild, where I was abandoned by my friends. I asked myself, " Should I join.. a guild?".


  Without my realizing it. I have joined a guild called 'Kaizen Clan' led by Akemichi. At first I was nervous, I'm afraid losing them. But the longer I spend my time with them, the anxiety turned into happiness. the smile that I built alone.. now we building it together..


  Perillys, Bezict, Akemichi and the others. I have such a great friends.. and all.. are in a great guild called ' Kaizen Clan'!


  Now I'm sure, all that begins will be ended one day. Every moment is precious.. so, I don't want to close my eyes.. because that would be a waste of time.. my happiest time with my cousins.. my happiest time with my friends.. and my happiest time with my Kaizen Clan..!


  So once again, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Izanami from the KAIZEN CLAN!!!


-The End-




To my fellow players: Try joining a Guild. ;)


To Kaizen Clan: You guys are Awesome!!


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