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Druide guide PvE [v.10.0.2]


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Hi guys!

Because the English-language forum does not have an up-to-date guide for a Druid, I decided to try to close this hole, the guide will be gradually updated and updated after each rebalance,what you see here is written in my druid guide on the Russian-language forum.


I also want if you notice any big mistakes in grammar or very incomprehensible sentences due to the fact that all the text has been translated in the translator, then write to me in direct.

now let's get down to the guide, enjoy reading everyone!



In this guide, I will talk about:

1. Druid's tasks in the group

2. Druid strengths and weaknesses

3. Gear and important parameters

4. 32 Half-Druid

5. Druid Skills Brief

6. Skillbuilds, Relics


1. Druid Tasks in the Group

A little from myself:

The most important task of the Druid in the group is to heal the teammates, save them from death and increase their defense indicators, which the Druid copes with thanks to his skills, the secondary task of the Druid is to buff the group for damage and damage, at the moment I position myself more like DD -Sapp.


Heal Wounds: The druid class, which has the best potential for healing the group in the game, has 5 healing skills in its armament, with the 4/4 Protection of the Forest and the Healing Barrier, you can easily pull your group out even from the most difficult situations but with a weak point and not with the most top gear you will be able to safely go through difficult content solo, but this does not mean that the Druid has only one working skill build through a full heal.


Buff the group for damage and defense: The Druid has 2 buffing skills in his presence - Secret Link, which combines a massive heal and a buff on Penetration and Barkskin that increases physical and magical protection as well as the percentage of Reliability, which is very important for top content.


Rescue in critical situations player (s) in a group: 2 of the 5 heals of the Druid skills, namely the Protection of the Forest and the Healing Barrier, are good in terms of saving bandmates when they are about to die, but with one right click you can save them from certain death.


Damage inflicted: The Druid has 2 excellent skills for inflicting Damage: Elemental Aid and Water Ball, Elemental Aid is one of the skills that allows the Druid to keep up with other support classes and sometimes even allows the Druid himself to transfer DD classes.


2. Druid strengths and weaknesses

A little from myself:

The strongest side of the Druid in PvE is his strong heal (with a certain skill level) and the defense buff and the weakest side, the weakest damage buff compared to other support classes.



+ with a 4/4 pet Druid has good damage

+ good budget class for solo and group play

+ with swinging Forest Cover and Healing Barrier has good survivability

+ has the best healing potential in the game

+ there is a skill to increase defense

+ there is a skill to reduce "Attack Speed"

+ has a skill to restore mana

+ varied in gear assemblies and skill builds

+ Healing Barrier does not depend on any parameters other than its level of pumping and the level of the player


Weak sides

- has the weakest buff in the game

- the most useless class for a group

- weak massive heal

- the skill "Secret Link" does not have an adequate distribution in the group

- in solo play suffers from lack of Accuracy


3. Gear and important parameters 



Staff of Catharsis I recommend taking Druids with 14% or less accuracy, because of the high Dodge rates of mobs and RBs in the 5th sector of Ayvondil with a small% Accuracy, we will very often smear what promises a longer kill of mobs / RB and damage losses.


Cane of Catharsis I recommend taking a Druid with 15% or more% Accuracy.


Royal staff of the Enchanted castle (х2 crit) I advise you to take if you have less than 30% crit, Suitable for any assembly except the 4th, but I still recommend taking it only under the 2nd, where Crete will just be missing.


Royal wand of the Enchanted castle (x2 breaking through) Suitable for builds 3 and 4, for those who have a CD book and 15% or more accuracy.


1.Option (I recommend to start)

Assembly link: https: //wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/35150

Recommended jewelery

Amulets, Omnipotent Amulet of Aquilon:

If you have the Rings of the Grand Millennium, then you can take this amulet or if you want to have more CD leave the Medallion of Fortitude.

Amulets, Medallion of the Grand Millennium:

If you have rings of Enlightenment, then it is advisable to have such a medallion so that you do not receive too large critical hits in high lvl instances.


Rings, Ring of Insight:

Take if you have less than 14% Accuracy.



+ the best HP indicators

+ good indicators of Crete

+ good CD performance

+ good protection indicators

+ good heal from the Protection of the Forest ≈ 3.300

+ as for me the best build for Druid


- Inferior in CD option 2

- inferior in DD option 3

- problems with manoreg (if you insert the CD crystal into the



Assembly Link: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/35151


If HP is not very important to you, then you can take 30 arms and a body from the colosseum with additional CD stat.



+ best CD performance

+ the best indicators of physical protection

+ good HP indicators

+ best Accuracy

+ good indicators of Crete (with a stick for x2 Crete / 30 gear with short circuit)


- inferior in HP to Option 1

- inferior in DD to Option 3

- small% Crete (if you do not take 30 gear from cs to crit or 30 Stick to x2 crit)



Assembly Link: https: //wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/35154



+ the highest rates of DD

+ good% Crete

+ good indicators of Accuracy


- small% CD

- inferior in HP 1 and 2 to Option

- the weakest protection indicators

- of all assemblies, the smallest heal from the Protection of the Forest


4. Assembly (which I am aiming for)

Assembly Link: https: //wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/3515



+ best performance in Crete

+ best Accuracy

+ better penetration rates

+ the best indicators of Reliability

+ + 30% to the strength of Crit damage and Crit healing

+ good CD indicators + the best HP indicators (with a book on HP)


- high mana consumption (the main disadvantage)

- for 50% crit, + 30% to crit heal and strength of crit damage, you need to stack 10 stacks


Important parameters, For a comfortable game, I advise you to collect the following parameters:


CD Why is it needed ?:

One of the most useful stats for us, reducing the recharge time of our skills, due to the large CD of our skills, I recommend collecting at least 55%

How to increase the% CD ?:

You can increase the CD% with the help of Crystals (head, legs and rings), Bizha, Shmot, Book and Stick.


HP Why does he need it ?:

HP is also important for us because we have the habit of the Protection of the Forest depending on HP, as well as in the top instances like Lair-Myth, Coliseum-Myth and Tritons, it is better to have at least 6k HP in order to heal more than 2.5k HP with the Shroud. because in these instances one mob can have more than 1k damage, which is why if you don't have enough HP, this mob can take you down in one poke or crit.

How to increase the amount of HP ?:

By increasing the level of your character, Runes (rings, belt, pmul), Book, Gear and Jewelry.


Reliability Why is it needed ?:

The most important stat in Lair-Myth, Coliseum-Myth and Tritons, it reduces the received critical damage from monsters and the chance of receiving it, a very important stat because in the top institutes mobs and RB can crit under 10k, for comfort I advise you to have at least 30%.

How to increase the% Reliability ?:

Your% of Nadegi depends on your physical numbers. protection and Runes of Nadegi, which means that you can increase the% of Nadegi using the Point of gear with the stat of physical df, runes of physical dfa (head, body, arms, legs, runes of Nadegi (cloak, head, belt), Books and the "Oak Skin" skill.


Crete Why is it needed ?:

An important stat for a Druid, because we are not physical ddshers who live and deal damage purely on auto, we heal and all our damage is our dd skills, and survivability is heal skills, the more Crete we have, the more often we criticize with auto and skills, and the more often criticizes our heal, which is very important for Drulya, I advise you to collect at least 35%.

How to increase% Crete ?: You can increase the% of Crete with the help of Crystals (cloak, belt, amulet), Books, Clothes, Sticks and the skill from the 32nd half-set "Crushing Will".


4. 32 gear of newts on the Druid

Mana consumption:

Having 121 manoreg and 180 mana, there are no strong problems with mana, I can safely use Dew, Lightning, Shar, Peta and sometimes the Secret Connection and Mass roots and there are no such problems as before, and this is not counting that I have not bought a mana book, for those who have not yet hit mana crises, I recommend these banks:


"Toning Terere":

Regenerate 30% of your max mana. mana every 10 seconds

"Nectar of Infinite Power":

They give + 30% to regu mana and 30% to reg speed, there are no problems with them either in solo or in a group and mana did not drop below half.


Increases from the clothes of newts:

Poluset gave a big boost to Damage and Heal, in one of the videos where I first tried to go through Colisum-Myth in solo I with a +7 stick, under a can on DD and a can of heal I dispersed the crit heal to 2.5k and crit from Shara to dummy to 7k, in general, from this side, I am completely satisfied and if you have the means, then you can safely take a half-set.


How to choose a half-set?:

The half-set "Sacred Knowledge" can be combined with different clothes, you can put on your hands and body, you can have a body and head, everything is up to you but! the most top-end will be to take the Head and Legs because of CD, HP and Mana Regen, with a half-set "Invisible Knowledge" to another, it can also be combined with different clothes, but I do not recommend taking legs because of the lack of CD, ideally you need to take it Head and Hands due to Precision and Penetration.


Stacking Stacks:

With my 42% CD (9LvL Guild) in a group, there are no problems with this and you can safely hold from 9 to 10 stacks, in solo there are also no problems when farming thick RBs, you can easily hold up to 10 stacks, when performing any dale will already be difficult and if you try and use the pet, then 6+ stacks can be safely held.


5. Relics, Skillbuilds

In some skills, I marked 2 Relics of the same type, which means that you have a choice which relic suits your taste best and you can choose between one or the other relic.




Relic of Magical Vulnerability With a 15% chance, imposes an attack buff on the character for 15 seconds. With the next incoming attack on a character, the enemy's magic defense is reduced by 15% for 10 sec.


Relic of Agility Has a 10% chance to increase the recharge speed of your character's skills by 20% for 10 seconds. Relic of Magical Power With a 10% chance, increases the character's magical power by 10% for 10 seconds.


Greater relic of recuperation With a 10% chance, restores 20% of the maximum health of the character


Relic of Exceptional Healing Increases the effect of the basic healing skills of your party members by 20% for 10 sec. within a radius of 3 yards from the character and increases the chance of applying the effect of a protective relic in the character's skill by 5%.



1766605560_.png.8ae40ea4d2c5bae28c89ed7473a85260.png.9af02c9d200535680d3ed824aa10f85e.png Oank Skin


Relic of utter powerlessness Has a 15% chance to impose an attack buff on the character for 15 seconds.

The next incoming attack on the character increases physical and magical and magical magical power 15% strength 10% 15% Protective:

Magic relic of physical blockade Has a 15% chance to apply the Physical Block positive effect on a character for 5 sec. Physical blockade absorbs all incoming physical damage.


Greater Long-Lasting Relic Increases the duration of the effect of the skill by 40%.

Icy Relic of Indomitability Increases the effect power of a skill by 40% when using a skill under the Rage effect.


Relic of Exceptional Protection Increases the effect of the basic defensive skills of the character's group members by 20% for 10 sec. within a radius of 3 yards from the character and increases the chance of applying the effect of a protective relic in the character's skill by 5%.


504539782_.png.4155bbe94e126d53268a64e4aede5802.png.7f721e53bb8fdf5987ee048216b5f2c8.png Lightning


Relic of Magical Poison Has a 10% chance to apply the Poison debuff to the enemy for 6 sec. The enemy receives periodic magic damage.


Relic of Magical Power Increases the magical power of the character by 15% for 10 sec. when dodging, parrying, or blocking an attack with a skill.

Ice relic of rage Applies the effect of the "Rage" bonus to the character when dodging, parrying or blocking by the enemy.


Greater Relic of Superior Mastery With a 10% chance, it allows you to reuse the skill without recharging.

Greater relic of punishing skill Increases the damage of the skill by 12%. Greater Memento of Indomitable Strike Increases critical strike damage of a skill by 20%


Relic of the United Attack Increases the damage from the skill by 6-12% depending on the number of members of the character's group within a radius of 3 yards from the target and increases the chance of applying the effect of the attacking relic in the character's skill by 5%.


Internet_20210821_082806_3.png.bd4098a439a6f044500e421e8d154f47.png Swarm of insects


Relic of Physical Exhaustion With a 10% chance, reduces the enemy's physical strength by 15% for 10 sec.

Relic of Magical Depletion With a 10% chance, reduces the enemy's magical power by 15% for 10 sec.


Relic of Precision Increases the character's "Accuracy" parameter by 12% for 10 sec. when dodging, parrying, or blocking an attack with a skill.


Greater relic of punishing skill Increases skill damage by 12%.


Relic of United Annihilation Increases the chance to deal a critical strike with a skill by 6-15% depending on the number of members of the character's group within 3 yards of the target and increases the chance of applying the effect of an attacking relic in a character's skill by 5%.




1.Hybrid between SUP and DD

739113305_.png.d6721f2b9b821795bd26309654ed6555.png.278a8ec46abe549a1e00838410198df0.png 5/5

1766605560_.png.8ae40ea4d2c5bae28c89ed7473a85260.png.9af02c9d200535680d3ed824aa10f85e.png 5/5

504539782_.png.4155bbe94e126d53268a64e4aede5802.png.7f721e53bb8fdf5987ee048216b5f2c8.png 3/5

490648062_.png.6bbb1f83416ad706bdb5eb7c9d2bfa4a.png.613bae0b04155861a180181dc162557d.png 4/4

1346917024_.png.d46b27c7a8c91698abde4a1a4488a0e2.png.0c9b0f0fd773f4ab781acf465538a241.png 4/4

2017004997_.png.1dca6689441f10c52302a5c32695569e.png.a4b94c91ceecfbedb74262d628d12bf3.png 4/4


2. Full heal

739113305_.png.d6721f2b9b821795bd26309654ed6555.png.278a8ec46abe549a1e00838410198df0.png 5/5 

1766605560_.png.8ae40ea4d2c5bae28c89ed7473a85260.png.9af02c9d200535680d3ed824aa10f85e.png 5/5

504539782_.png.4155bbe94e126d53268a64e4aede5802.png.7f721e53bb8fdf5987ee048216b5f2c8.png 3/5 

2000545290_.png.2c1e8a7d95ab23b117c2e09ee0e45eb5.png.282fdbd99913364759821561204706dc.png 4/4 

490648062_.png.6bbb1f83416ad706bdb5eb7c9d2bfa4a.png.613bae0b04155861a180181dc162557d.png 4/4

1346917024_.png.d46b27c7a8c91698abde4a1a4488a0e2.png.0c9b0f0fd773f4ab781acf465538a241.png 4/4


3. Damager

739113305_.png.d6721f2b9b821795bd26309654ed6555.png.278a8ec46abe549a1e00838410198df0.png 5/5 

1766605560_.png.8ae40ea4d2c5bae28c89ed7473a85260.png.9af02c9d200535680d3ed824aa10f85e.png 5/5

504539782_.png.4155bbe94e126d53268a64e4aede5802.png.7f721e53bb8fdf5987ee048216b5f2c8.png 3/5

309180689_.png.c58c4669aefcc39c76c3188f6a9ca35a.png.1c03282868a4f31e9b61b2ec4e20e58b.png 4/4 

490648062_.png.6bbb1f83416ad706bdb5eb7c9d2bfa4a.png.613bae0b04155861a180181dc162557d.png 4/4

2017004997_.png.1dca6689441f10c52302a5c32695569e.png.a4b94c91ceecfbedb74262d628d12bf3.png 4/4

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At the moment, the guide is finished, if possible I will update it after each rebalance if necessary.

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