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"The evil sometimes has reasons" // Madafacir Eu-Emerald


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    The dark clouds had fallen and my vision came back to normal. Now the windy shore of an island is surrounding me. I did it again. I killed. The thrill was still there, as I didn't kill a human since a good couple of years. I looked at my hand where my dagger was. Still with fresh blood on it. Nadir-sard mayor was the last person on my vengence list. Now I was free. I started walking towards the nearby path. Its been a long time since I'd visited my mother's grave. I walked slowly to the only building on the island. "Finally home" I thought, but could I really call this place my home? I started thinking about it as I was crossing the front gate. My life was a mess since I was a kid. First of all, my parents were the royal couple. I was taking lessons each and every day to become a king myself one day. I only have scraps of memories from that time. I remember my teacher's face when I did something wrong and he had to correct me. He was scary despite never screaming. It was just that face he was doing. I was slowly walking down the stairs to the crypt. My parents were in fact the only people I felt safe with. They were the only people to ever care about me. I entered the deepest level of the crypt and lighted the torches with a snap of my fingers. I saw the tomb where my mom layed in ethernal sleep. I walked to it and placed the dagger on top of the marble lid. 
- Here I am mom - I whispered.
I stood by its side for a moment. I needed to think my life over now. I walked outside my mansion to the garden and took a sit on an old bench. Wind was still blowing, but the sky was cleaner than when I arrived. 
    The series of tragic events in my life started on a day of my 10th birthday. Every important person around was there. I remember I was happy, especially when my mom gifted me a wooden doll resembling a knight. I also remember the tall, fat man in a robe. I thought he looked silly but he had to be somewhat important as my father invited him. Later that night I couldn't sleep. I was excited with everything I got. I decided to play with my knight a little in a nearby park. The guards were sleepning so I silently walked out of my room and headed outside. I remember the full moon was shining as well as the  stars, it was amazing. After a while I got tired and wanted to go back to sleep when suddenly someone covered my mouth and lifted me in the air. A few minutes later I was in carriage with people in thease weird outfits speaking in foreign language. One of them spoke to me: "The king will give us this whole land for you hahaha". I was scared to death. Suddenly I saw a shin of a sharp object, a scythe. We stopped and I heard people yelling and blades slashing. Than I saw a tall person wearing a strange suit. I remembered thoese from one of my books. It was a Demonologist, a practitioner of demon magic. Ones like him were powerful creatures, once human, but corrupted by demons. They where feared by people everywhere in the world. He didn't kill me, instead he took me to his school. I had a choice: die or learn. I only wanted to get back to my parents but that wasn't an option.
     I studied demon magic for many years. I was able to master the techniques so well, that I was able to destroy a whole city with one spell. Being so powerful made me the best student and I was close to becoming as good as my master. Than I recived a mission from him. I was supposed to investigate what happened at the castle. I still had my parents somewhere deep in memory so a chance of seeing them made me happy. Or did it? After all every Demonologist is washed from human feelings. Anyway, I felt at least curious. Once I walked through a familiar path leading to the castle my memories started coming back. At that point I became really emotional all of the sudden. Than I saw the castle. Or rather what was left from it. The front part was in an absolute disarray and the part built over the sea was under water now. I saw a villager in a distance. I walked up to him and asked what happened there. He said that after my disappearance my dad - king Hasen, went mad and finally jumped off the tower window. Than the weakened kingdom was attacked by Chainless League mercenaries and burned to the ground. Before they were able to kill the queen - Emeria, she died from unbearable sorrow. I learned where they burried her. At that point my eyes were full with tears and my human side came back in an instant. I cried like baby. Than I felt something even stronger. I felt rage. I started to blame everything on everyone. I was so mad that almost unconcious. First I slaughtered the villager. Than I took my mother's body and went back to the Demonology school. I destroyed it. Killed everyone. Even my master didn't stand a chance against my fury. Than I started to think about revenge on the Chainless League. However, the Arinar Defenders got to know the location of the Demonology School. Many of them came. Too many. I faked my death leaving a fake corpse i learned to create at my first year here. Now I couldn't show myself to anyone. I needed to blend into the society. I needed a good cover.
     I gave a burrial to my mother at the island and used my powers to build a mansion. Than I started to learn the magic of light. I became a mage and took the name Edwin. I also decided to study Ilusions and Animagic on the Bissful Isle. I participated in killing the Chimera and an evil animage Julius. Thats where I met the team of monster hunters. I decided to join them, as that would be the best way to check how well am I imitating a normal human. I went on a journey with them, killing monsters in whole Arinar. I felt good around them, but my will to take vengence was stronger. I summoned a hydra in Irselnort caves nearby the Nadir-sard. As I expected the mayor decided to find a team of professionalists to deal with the creature. And we were nearby. The fight was looking close, but it was under control all the way. I was able to send the monster back to hell at any point, but I would have to blow my cover. I played it perfectly, from start to finish. Killing the mayor was the easiest thing in the world. And that girl at the end calling me a Demonologist. Thats who I am to the people. Thats how they all call me. She will have to suffer the same loss as I suffered.
     Was it all worth it? I don't know. I don't feel any better, but this had to be done. I don't know yet where will I go next. Maybe I should visit the Flying Islands? Or Norlant Swamps? Or somewhere I haven't been yet? I stand up and stare at the sea. My story is definitely not over yet...

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I ll post my first story, which is a backstory to this one. I wrote it wrong way the first time ://. Also its an extra one, doesn't count for the competition and all names I used are random. Enjoy if you have time :duckyduck:



    The sky was dark, and rain was pouring . It was an unusall weather in Eastern Caravan Camp. On the end of a muddy street only a small lantern was visible. In a tavern, there weren't many guests, only some drunk elderly men already asleep at the table. Upstairs in a cosy room six people where whispering. One of them didn't really fit the rest. He was wearing expansive silk robe and shiny boots as well as a cap with a ruby crystal in the middle of it. This man wasn't an ordinary visitor of this tavern. He was the mayor of Nadir-sard. So why would he be there, you may ask. Well, Irselnort was not the safest place lately. Aside from the war between two alliances there was a third enemy. Nobody knows exactly what it is as the ones who saw it would usually die, however some adventurers were mentioning a huge dragon. Others said its rather a creature with many eyes and sharp teeth. What matters the most - the threat was real, as many people were dying nearby the caves south from Nadir-sard. One day a whole group of guards from the city disappeared. And that ties to our whispering group in the tavern.
- You know we are rich, we will pay as much as you want just kill that thing - said annoyed mayor.
- I know, but remember that its not just another maniac with an axe but a real monster - said young ranger who was the leader of the monster hunters.
- I can give 100 000 gold coins to each of you, how does that sound? - asked mayor who at this point clearly wanted to head back home. 
- Hmm... its fine - said the ranger - but you also must get us some of this silk robes from your tailor, my girl would love to have one of those - he laughed.
- Ahhh fine just do it please. As fast as you can - said mayor and left in a hurry.
Once the doors closed after him the group started to laugh and scream silently.
- 100 000 gold coins!?? - loudly whispered Hamand, the blade dancer - thats enough for the rest of my life!
- Mine too! - cheared Janus, the warden.
- Ok children don't get too excited - said clearly excited Lucio, the seeker.
- Oh come on man, we won! - enthusiasticly said Janus.
- Yes we did - said Anathor the leader ranger - but its still a challange to us, go get some sleep, we're going to the caves tommorow.
- Ehh.. caves again - Edwin the mage whispered to himself.

    In the morning the group marched out from the camp. Janus and Hamand conquering for the place in the front like little kids. Behind them Lucio was singing a song, which his mother taught him, and at the very back Edwin and Anathor were talking through their strategy on finding the creature. There were many enterences to the underground tunnels where the beast could live. Anathor demanded them to go to the closest one, but Edwin kept saying, that they need to start from the cave where the entity claimed its latest victims. In the end they decided to enter through the cave south-west from the Kamp Riff. The way would be too long for one day, so they decided to spend the night in the small town. Luckily for them, the rain had stopped and despite the path was wet and muddy they made it before the sunset. There weren't any free rooms in the tavern so they had set up a small tent from a couple of sticks and an old linen blanket. After everything was done and the meals were eaten the group decided to tell some stories after Janus and Hamand kept demanding them. The first to speak was Janus. He told everyone a scary story he made up with Hamand. It was about a creepy donkey called Horace, who stares at children when they try to fall asleep. If they try to cover themselfes with a featherbed though, they are taken to the other realm by doctor Cwelowka. Everybody seemed rather ammused with it except for Lucio, who tried to keep his cool but the anxiety was written all over his face. Than he said his own story about a lonely vampire who decided to walk in bright sun to prove everyone he can and died as expected. Edwin said he doesn't know any stories, so it was time for Anathor. He tought for a while and started to tell the old legend. The legend was about a couple that used to rule Irselnort. King Hasen and queen Emeria. In that time the empie of Chainless League was still being created, and the alliances weren't formed yet. Legend says, that they had a child, which they would keep at the castle. One day the child went missing. Some say it was kidnapped by political enemies of the king, others say it ran out with its lover or got killed by someone from within the castle. After thease events the king went mad. His wife tried to help him, but eventually he decided to jump from his tower. After Anathor was finished everyone stood silent for a while.
- Is it just me or is it cold all of the sudden? - finally asked Hamand.
- I think it is.. - mumbled Lucio, now even more scared.
- Anyway its just a legend - said calmly Anathor laying down to sleep.
- Maybe but legends always have some truth in it right? - Janus kept digging.
- Yeah, maybe - said Anathor yawning - just go to sleep already.
- Sheeesh, I don't know if will be able to.. - Lucio interjected.
- Just don't think about it, or at least stop talking and wriggling, so I can sleep - said annoyed Edwin. Still terrified seeker decided to listen to his friend and after a while fell asleep. 
    The tunnels proved to be hard to get through. At the enterance they were greated by dark magic practitioners. Than cave goblins. After three hours of constant fight they decided to take a break. Hamand and Janus began cleaning their swords and argued who decapitated more goblins. Soon Lucio joined the discussion saying he cut the most heads. The group was about to get into a real fight but Anathor shouted at them to be quiet and joined Edwin at analysing maps. The air smelled like blood and gore mixed with mold. Clearly not a plesant smell, which was picked up by Janus who started to complain. Anathor excused Edwin and went to the side. He started thinking. He knew the risk of fighting with the creature, but it wasn't what was bothering him right now. The future was a big question mark in his head. He hunted for all his life. He had many teams and friends, but the one he was with now started to feel like family for him. He caught himself at simling at constant fights beetwin Janus and Hamand. They were the thing he couldn't stand as the leader at the begining but got used to it. Also he started seeing Lucio as his younger brother and Edwin seemed just like the only reasonable person to talk to. Where would they all go when they get the money? Where would he go? Anathor shaked his head trying not to think about it. As he was coming towards Edwin, he heard Lucio screaming.
- Something's in the darkness!
He turned around and saw a silhouette of a man. Once he came closer it turned out it wasn't a man, but a ghost, holding a big sword. Behind him there were thirty of ones like him. Edwin picked up his scepter and started preparing to cast a spell. Meanwhile Anathor took an arrow and sent it to the brain of the first spirit. In a blink of an eye the rumble started. Edwin kept igniting with his magic, while in the front line Hamand and Janus were tearing enemies to pieces. After a short while Lucio stabbed the last ghost with his dagger and the group found themselves next to a door. They cauciously stepped through it. The corridors here were different now. The air still smelled like blood but also like magic. They saw several spirits moving here and there, but they didn't seem hostile. At least not yet. Finally they entered a big hall and were able to get a good view at the creature. 
- I.. Its a hydra! - said thrilled Lucio.
- Yes it is - confirmed Anathor - similar to the one we killed last year on Norlant Swamps - he added.
- Damn its so big - said amazed Janus.
- What are you waiting for than brother? - laughed Hamand - lets get it!
And the fight begun. The monster was fast and easily dodged the first shots sent by Anathors bow. Than it turned around slapping Hamand rushing from the side with its tail. Finally Lucio and Janus were able to damage it. Unfortunatelly for them they cut its head and immidietly three new ones grew in its place. Edwin was able to zone it away with a ring of fire but the beast broke it. After a short struggle with creatures teeth Hamand was able to pin it to the ground by stabbing  through its tail. Janus took the opportunity stunning it with the shield and Lucio got a great cut on hydras belly. Creature shouted in agony and furiously slammed itself against the wall. Ceiling started to shake and before rangers arrow and mages fire ball were able to put the monster out of its misery it managed to hit the wall again and everything started collapsing. Everyone covered their heads. "Is this how we die?" thought Anathor, "After all thease creatures we killed?". He waited for a giant rock to smash his head. One second. Two seconds. Finally he looked around and saw a figure in a black robe. He looked above and saw a purple field holding the rocks above his head. 
- What? Who are you? - ranger asked.
- Move - the figure answeared.
They ran out of the hall and heard the ceiling finally falling to the ground. The person emerged from the dust. The stick was still shining with a purple light. 
- What is a warlock doing here? - asked Lucio confused.
- And why would you help us? - added Hamand.
The warlock took off the hood.
- I was just curious what was behind the killings.
The person turned out to be a woman with long black hair, purple shiny eyes and earrings in shape of a moon. She smelled with magic, but it wasn't the casual dark magic smell, more like a mix of it with light, which was confusing for the group.
- Who are you? - asked Anathor after few seconds of silence.
- My name is Khala, I'm the mayors daughter - she said with a gentle smile - my dad wouldn't let me find the creature myself, because that would be too dangerous - she continued rolling her eyes - but you know, after all he can't just lock me in my room can he?
- Maybe he should - said Edwin nervously - but stop talking and lets get out of here. 
    The way back to Eastern Caravan Camp wasn't long. Or it didn't feel like it. Next day the group moved to Nadir-sard to get their payment. Khala was constantly questioned by Lucio, Hamand and Janus. They were joking and talking about their lives cleanly having a crush on mayors daughter. Anathor felt relifed and glad, that they managed to complete yet another task, but he was also feeling a bit nostalgic. That could be the last time he goes on an adventure with thease people. He couldn't stop thinking about it and had to talk to someone. 
- Hey Edwin, I've got a question.
- Go on - the mage answeared looking at the sunrise.
- What are you going to do next?
- Hmm.. - he muttered - I think I want to retire.
- What do you mean by that?
- You know.. there's a beautiful island south to Norlant Swamps. I think I will go there after everything is done - he sighed.
- Oh.. - said quietly Anathor - well I guess I'll go back to Melvendil and try my luck with Seffona again.
- Not her again.. - mumbled Edwin tired, as he hated the way she played Anathor in the past.
Before he was able to say anything else they heared enthusiastic screams. The ranger lifted his head and saw the walls of the city. Once they crossed the gates they were greated by hundreds of people staring at them curiously. Khala led them to the mayors palace at the north side of the city. It was impressive how big and wealthy it looked. They walked through several corridors and than took stairs to the main office. The room was spacious, it had a big table in the middle and windows at both sides. On the other end of the table mayor was already waiting for them. 
- Khala! Where have you been!
- Here and there - she answeared with a guilty face.
- Get back to your room, we will talk later - said annoyed but also relifed mayor - and there are my heroes - he turned to face the group.
- We killed the beast as requested - said Anathor - we didn't take the trophy but your daughter can confirm it.
- My god, this kid - he mumbled - always impatient and curious. Here is your reward - he said pointing at five chests in the corner of the room.
- Thanks mayor - said Anathor bowing. 
- No, I'm the one who should thank you. You don't even know how many people died to this creature. It was never that bad since the origins of this city!I don't know what we would all do without you! Come my friends, you deserved a big hug, stop bowing - he turned to Anathor with his arms spread.
Anathor awkwardly came up and hugged the old man. Janus and Hamand than lifted him up smiling. "In their style" thought the ranger with tears in his eyes. Lucio joined the two with laughter and they started to throw mayor up and down like it was his birthday. "Does this really have to end?" said Anathor to himself now on a brink of breaking down. He knew that nothing lasts forever but it could be the hardest moment in his life. Well, maybe except that time where he got tricked by Seffona. He didn't even know why would he care about that woman anymore and that made him laugh through tears. After a moment mayor was standing again and turned to Edwin. Suddenly the ranger saw a flash of steel. Than dark red blood started to flow. For a moment he stood frozen. The body than fell on its knees. Next he saw it in a puddle of blood pouring from the neck. Mayor was dead. And Edwin was holding the knife with a big smile on his face. What? Why? How? The questions kept stacking in his head and he thought its going to explode. 
- Wh..wha.. why? - he mumbled terrified.
- Remeber the legend you told us? - said Edwin with his eyes now red - all of them have some truth in it. The child was taken away from king Hasen by Chainless League. They thought they could imprison forever - said Edwin with psychopatic voice, dark coulds starting to surround him - but they didn't expect demons to intervene where angels can't see.
Edwin started to grow in size. His voice now sounded more demonic. Two guards entered the room to check on their employer. With a blink of an eye their heads fell off their necks. Now fully transformed Edwin was holding a huge scythe and wearing a mask with a beak. 
- I wanted a revenge for my father and I found it - the demon laughed loudly - now it is time to visit my mothers grave. Goodbye friends and thanks for the help.
They heard a loud female scream from the opened door. "MAYOR!!" shouted a maid. They heard steps of guards approaching them. The first person to arrive though was Khala. She opened her mouth with counfusion and fear. 
- Demonologist - she mumbled - WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FATHER - she shouted a moment later. 
The demon laughed for the last time, and the dark clouds surrounded him. They heard a loud bang and he was gone. Khala started to cry over her father body. The guards were jerking with the group. Anathor still couldn't belive what he just saw. Khala stood up and slapped his face screaming.
- Why would you let him do that, why?
- I.. I couldn't.. - the ranger mumbled.
She sent him a glance fullfilled with suffering and began crying again. Anathor finally started to piece everything that happened together. 
- I know where he is - he said with sudden determination - he mentionted going to an island south from Swamps after "everything is done" - he said.
That was never supposed to happen. Anathor was ready for all kinds of endings but not one like that. He didn't like it and he wanted to change it. He winked to his friends and turned to face Khala again.
- We' ll find him - he said holdnig a hand on his bow - I promise.
                                    to be continued...

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