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This is my video i hope u enjoy it ;)  , i think is a good history  ;D  sry for my bad pronunciation in the video, if u cant understand i write what i said in the video:


Minute: 0:25  Voice say: I remember my family, my friends.......... They die in the war.

Minute: 3:40  Voice say: Father I remember you, I remember your Final fight.

Minute: 4:16  Voice say: Its time for Revenge.

Minute: 4:26  Voice say: I love you so much father, i love you, Please come back, i love you, I love you so much.



Date of creation: 15/01/2014

Nicknames: Latinocr(lvl20), imahealerx(lvl15)

Musical compositions: One Day by Hans Zimmer

















if u like the video pls comment :blush:

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Try to make your video shorter...its a bit too long..


To me the story/video is a bit boring..


but the sound/music is very very good!

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