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Thin air armour

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All in attachments.

For those who want to feel stealthy.

The "backstory" in doc file :P Sorry tho for mistakes, didn't believe i will get net back till 2nd September. :(


Basically, i have a dream that costume would make the characters body partly invisible, leaving the head, weapons, name and the specific symbol seen normally. The invisibility effect works only partly, like rogues see themselves while at stealth. Some highlights make the "invisibility cloak" noticable, and also the clothing worn under the cloak is seen a bit, so it works more like costume, not a way to copy stealth.


There are 3 variations,Invisible monk robe, Invisible druid mantle (these ones came out similar :/ but ah well, ideas fly, reality cant jump that high), Invisible assasin overcoat. First one,besides head, weapons and name, has a visible healing medallion, second one has a leaf, third one has a coin.


The healers medallion adds astral for healing classes/health regen as needed, for  melee and rangers. The leaf enchances root/ earthquake duration and for others adds extra energy regen. The coin reduces fee on market by 3% and gives 10 more damage points for melee, 100 phy. defence for others. Ah, and the material makes the body look a bit less visible than usual, did i mention that? :D

And i made this because i like the idea, not because i'm lazy.  ::) before this one had other sketches, which i also liked, but probably wouldnt wear. But since invisibility is now going to be aviable for other classes when guilds lvl up, a partly invisible costume would be cool  :blush: .





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