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Found 1 result

  1. well, charmer is my main class, and has some changes that would be most welcome in class, targeting mainly pve. ------VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS IN SKILLS 1 - dark prism: making it larger, and making the prism fall from a greater distance, would help you locate where you used the ability. 2- warrior healing: leave the ability with a stronger coloration 3- stone curse: increase the size of the stone 4- knowledge of the dead man: when the ability is loaded, a purple glow would remain around the charmer. 5- eye of the darkness: make a shield around the eye at the time of use of the skill, to give more clarity. -----GAMEPLAY UPGRADES 1- call: make the wolf behave as an ability to summon event helpers (ex "sebastian's help") -limit the charmer to have only 1 wolf evoked at a time; -change the health of the wolf that is fixed to a% of the value of the health of the master, add bonuses of ferocity in the wolves, penetration and criticism based on the status of the charmer. -improve the appearance of the wolf, to look more like a wolf. 2- otherworldly blessing: allow the charmer to use this ability on allies, to enhance the charmer healer. 3- otherworldly fire: increase the size of the stone and make only 1 stone fall, make the stone fall from a greater distance -make it a point and click ability, thus improving the use of this ability. 4- chaos' assistence: change in status of summons, change the health of the bird that is fixed, for a% of the value of the health of the master, add bonuses of ferocity in the bird, penetration and criticism based on charmer status. -make the bird attack 3yards away. 5- Goading: This is a skill I do not know why they have added to the charmer, but since they did. -make it affect enemies in the area. 6- energy manipulation: rework in this ability, making it an ability to command the helpers. -When using the skill you select one of your animals to use a specific skill. -Wolf: Use an area attack, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. -Bird: removes the negative effects of the target. ----------GENERAL SUGGESTIONS -allow charmers to use two-handed apples. ---------SUGGESTION FOR NEW SKILL -summon dark dragon -summon a black dragon to help you in battles, attacking enemies and causing physical and magical damage -energy manipulation skill: causes the dragon to burn the enemies it attacks, duration of the 6s buff. -dragon range: 4yards. hp = 50% of charmer healt. 50% of the damage done would be physical and 50% would be magic. -this skill would prioritize to make hybrid charmers stronger. -Esta habilidade iria priorizar para tornar mais charmosos híbridos.
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