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Found 2 results

  1. As title said "Screen Bugs", let me explain what do I mean by that. Its pretty simple thing , you see players position in game on your screen but he isn't exactly there actually ( he is 1 yard left, 2 yards down, etc.). Few examples which are so damn irritating: -Since I play shaman most of the time it happens (rather often) for my quake skill to miss, by that I dont mean for enemy to dodge it but simply you just see that crack animation on the floor (thats what you see when somebody wasn't caught by the skill), and that happened over and over again even tho I am 100% positive I hited enemy. -It happened to my brother numerous times that his skill panic (necromancer) fails coz of this problem, on his screen he is next to target but who knows where he is actually which causes skill to fail (in case someone doesn't know, you have to stand next to enemy in order to skill work on him).Same goes for his acid rain skill (3x3 aoe), he drops it on player and just like that receives no dmg. -My bro and me play mostly on pcs (which are next to each other) so it happened so many times that he is at one position on my screen while he is actually on another one on his screen ( actual one) and vice versa. Same goes for other players, not at same spot on both pcs. Those are few examples which I encounter each day, there are other classes which experience same main problem.
  2. hello all, i'd like to suggest 2 things, one related to scammers and the second about the screen bug to start with the exchange scammers, those who put different items or do the full bag trick and so... if there would be an undo option that would undo the last exchange it'll kill those scammers, like you can undo the last exchange you did within a time limit of about 5 minutes, after those 5 minutes the exchange cant be canceled and the screen bug, it's really a pain in the ass, creating a refresh screen button would fix it too, the option would reload the screen and show the exact locations of everything and everyone both of the these options can fit right under the settings and logout tab waiting opinions or improvements to my suggestions
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