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Found 1 result

  1. After reading the critiques of my previous post about the topic, I made a new idea for Mining in Warspear. (read original at Problems with version 1: -Will cause inflation (will need a gold sink) -bots will take over because there is no threat to them. So I reworked the idea: -Instead of being scattered throughout the map, mining areas will be in fenced off areas called resource areas. To get in, you have to pay a mining licence, which can be bought in the tavern shops or in the miracle shop. (Better mining licences will give boosts like faster exp. gain or higher chance for rare ores) A basic mining licence will cost 100 gold. -Every 10 minutes, and additional fee will need to be paid based on the location of the resource area. Mining will have a startup cost because of this and the first change, so lower levels will not be able to do mining effectively, which will stop many bots. The required gold to enter and the 10 min. fees will provide a gold sink. -Every 5 minutes in the resource area, a BIG boss will spawn, and deal 20,000 damage (with 100% penetration and has 10M hp) to everyone it hits. The only ways to avoid it is to run to a random safe spot that spawns in the resource area a little before the boss will spawn. This also may thwart bots. -Special resource areas owned by NPC factions will be available to players with friendly reputation with the faction. These will have furnaces inside them so you wouldn't need to go to a town.
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