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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys.I am not new but I am asking what are the difference's between physical damage and magic?What helps more in pvp?And what increases your attack more?
  2. What is the best form of skill-set for a Magic dmg paladin at lvl 28? (2-handed primarely, but I'd be glad to hear if you have specific thoughts on 1-handed aswell). I am just wondering about some stuff as I am coming closer to the higher levels on my Paladin. For magic dmg Paladin do you put points in you Aura? Does the damage over time from Purifying+Fetters increase with more skill-points and magic dmg? What Expert skill do you max except for Banner. Illumination skill? I guess I'm really asking for what skill-set you guys would use for in your Magic dmg paladins and Why. Personally I am using 4 pts Puri, 4 pts Fetters, 5 pts heal, 4 pts Banner. (Lvl 23 atm, soon leveling up)
  3. Just an idea... For a new 1h or 2h weapon (most likely only 1h because 2h might escalate too quick, with banners dealing like 2k per tick) [404 NAME NOT FOUND] The [404 NAME NOT FOUND] is a magical weapon not being arcane and physicly useless at the same time - Not like those staffs. Fancy wood, not more, no. [404 NAME NOT FOUND] gets its main power from its Magical Crystal, yes, but wolden in heaviest metals there are. [404 NAME NOT FOUND] will most likely be a 1h weapon- but with magic as 1st stat, not the phys dmg. The purpose of it existing is for the amping spheres not hardening the steel the weapon is forged of, but to enhance the spirits of the magical crystals and essences the mere steel container is holding. The stats will be simply switched. For Example: - Mace of Sudden Doom 193dmg [bla]accu [bla]pry 57 mgc - [404 NAME NOT FOUND] of Sudden Doom 57mgc [bla]accu [bla]pry 193dmg The Weapon is, like any melee type wearable by all melee classes except bd and rogue. (allthough? why not? isnt my problem if they got some useless magic and "ultra low" dmg) Why no 2h magic spears? Isnt it obvious? 137 magic to start with, amping it would be a simple horror Unfortunatly I have no idea whatsoever that new weapon type should be named after... Ideas could be: Sphere Mace Steel Staffs and uh idk I might draw some icon concepts also, but not now :C
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