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Found 2 results

  1. So, I killed this level 28 bd during the war and didn't advance in the quest Restless Sentinels (kill 20 Sents of lv 26 or higher). I still have 6/20, and it's been that way since last summer. Is this a bug or is there some hidden requirement I am not aware of?
  2. For people who misjudge a suggestion for its title: This is not a suggestion to allow us take more than 50 dailies and this is not a suggestion for players to earn gold or reputation any easier. --- Day One: Kill toads. Day Two: Kill scorposaurs. Day Three: Kill toads. Day Four: Kill toads. Day Five: Kill scorposaurs. ... Looks boring, doesn't it. But this is reality. There are plenty of daily quests in the Flying Islands but only eight possible common dailies (four xp, four rep). If we compare that to what the first two areas had, we can see that they had 50% more common daily quests in the quest pool (=12). It would make things a little less boring if there were four additional common dailies available in the Flying Islands. Here are some ideas. I'm not that good with stories and I can only speak for the Legion side, but that shouldn't matter too much. Xp quests * Kill 30 flying monkeys and 10 green monkeys, quest could be about them being annoying, breaking things and attacking travellers. * Collect 30 radioactive things from the Long Bald Patch, quest could be about the stones poisoning the ground, lepers and scorposaurs. (Quest giver could be the blue elf near the toads.) Rep quests * Kill 12 strong monsters located on the road (the same road used for lightning pillars and rainbow amplifiers) in the Wasteland (one of each: one Mechanical Spider, one Steam Golem, one Steel Rodent, etc.), quest could be about the Wastelands being a dangerous place and the road in need of clearing. * Collect 35 devices from the mechanical traps (no need to kill anything, the item is collected when you tap the trap, the appearing blue spiders are there only to slow you down and the occasional additional green spider to kill unprepared heroes). This may not be something everyone would need (actually no one needs this) - nevertheless, constructive criticism and extra questions are approved.
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