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Found 2 results

  1. Please let us select which modes we want to queue to. The way it works now is that we choose one mode to demand a battle on, or all modes at once. If I want to fight but don't like 2x2 for some reason, my only option is choosing either Seals or 5x5. Why couldn't I select both? Or if I want a normal arena and hate Seals, I must choose between the two and possibly miss a fight because I waited for the wrong one to have enough queuers. Also move the demand refusal to the menu where we select the modes - this way we could see if it's worth to queue at all at that time.
  2. So i'am thinking about the afk's in arena. You also dont like go arena with an afk in your team right? So, if when we demand, when already have your team and the enemy team ready, think if we have the option to accept the battle and reject (U will can't see the enemy team and your team). I think when the developer team do it, will reduce the afk's in arena. And for me, the arena is very deregulated now.... What do u think about the demand idea? Leave a comment!
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