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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, So recently I noticed that many people really enjoy the story of the game (see the Warspear Chronicles or my other topic Fill In The Gaps). But most people don't take the time to do so, for whatever reasons (it is quite time consuming). So I thought I would create this topic for anybody who does read the quests to share knowledge about the story. (If devs give us bonus details that aren't in the game that's cool too). If you want to contribute please label your post like so: Canon :factual information (so far as your memory allows) Canon++ :Includes the game storyline and is set in the game realm, but your imagination is added! Okay, so I'm going to start with the skeleton storyline of the base islands to get us rolling! (Not all in a single post tho, thatd b mad long). CANON Firstborn; You are going along with your regular elf business. You visit the capital, Illhor, and find yourself a job at the mill. A war is impeding. The fairies and local wildlife have gotten aggressive. You quickly show your abilities and become very useful helping prep for the war. Doing this you journey about the island, helping to protect villages from mad animals. Also, there is a pirate attack on the island you help stop. Eventually you discover that forsaken sorcerors have infiltrated the island. Some elves who were once good are now no more than puppets of the necromancers (although this isnt apparent). They have also managed to curse the guatd spirit of Melvendil, which was the cause of all the animals, fairies and wisps going feral. You earn much respect and are sent to Irselnort where your abilities will be useful in the war agaunst the Legion. So, thats about that. It was very brief, and there are a lot of details to fill in later. Hope you all liked it. If it was difficult to understand or anything, please do tell me. 🙂
  2. Hello everyone. Today I want to take a look at the game's storyline. *Half of you leave here* Yeah, yeah. I know that most of you couldn't care less about the story, but it is really quite interesting. The storyline is very impressive, and very detailed. So I just want to give a thumbs up to the devs for that. And for those of you who do like the story, make sure to have a go at all the factions because the reference points between the questlines are great! Take for example as a chosen, you get a quest to kill some elf spies, which turn out to actually be undead (you realise this when you throw holy water on 'em). Then you go play forsaken a bit so you find out that it was the taxidermist, Nakhty (check for spelling) who was responsible, and that your forsaken char helped him!!! I just can't believe that most players don't even know that the forsaken originally plotted to have the elves and chosen fight each other. Anyways, I get that it can be boring, but this topic isn't for debating whether or not one should follow the storyline. I wanted those of us who DO care about the storyline to play a game. There are a few gaps in the storyline now, especially since the new classes were added and map1s were given a revamp. I want to play a story game so we can fill in these gaps. BE as creative or fun as you like!!! So the first gap I want to fill with a new story is why Wardens don't have a place in the Council of Twelve (which actually has thirteen members, but whatever) As you can see there are 3 druids (+1 leader), 3 rangers and 3 bladedancers, but no wardens. Why is this so? (Okay, the gms didn't think about it, but like, in story terms). Are Wardens shunned due to lack of intelligence (would explain their lack of skill in weaponry/low damage) Did the Wardens simply reject a lace in council because they are too busy defending the lands? Let us see who can come up with the best reason (via the most entertaining, most likely or most emotional tale)! P.S. Would this topic be better suited here or in the general area??
  3. Hello All & Creators, As a new player, I've noticed some areas that could use some attention. (comments about stop being a baby (puppymonkeybaby) i won't read it so way waste the time typing). As a neutral player who is trying to complete quests to grow and be able to compete with higher level players, id like to suggest two options for helping player who are just following story-line and not involved in PVP wars. 1) option one: after being killed 3 times by ANY player/s, there is a reset time of 1 hour that you can not be attacked or attack other players, but only follow story-line and attack NPC and Monsters. (as point i cant even leave city area 3 steps before im attacked (following story-line) and lose my Minon that I PAID $$ for.* 2) option two: offer player shield against other players that you can purchase like other items in miracle store. This shield, will only allow you to follow story-line for 1 hour, you can not help (health/attacks) other players fighting PVP, or drop shield to (help/attack) then re-shield. Once used you wont be able to disregard it until the shield time is up, thus solving attack and then shield playing, like in some other games. thank you for reading and i hope one of the two options is used. * if you die in PVP killing you should not lose your minion as I have been attacked 10 sec after I use it out of my bag. Sincerely GM Shiroe, Log Horizon in Akihabara
  4. It'd be great to have more choice in the game, there's something about choosing how your story progresses that so enjoyable and satisfying. I remember choosing the outcome of some quest in Langasard which made me want to read the storyline even more afterwards. Now a days everyone is rushing to level Up as fast as possible, we need something to make the players stop and think. Examples: Langasard: This young girl has been cures with a highly contagious disease, if nothing is done it could wipe out half the population of Langasard in a matter of days. You remember hearing a rumors of a warlock hiding in one of the caves near Arina's Farm, perhaps they have the cure, but its only a rumors, we may not have time to verify it. Will you go searching for the cure and risk the lives of many chosen, or will you end the disease here and kill the girl? Hurry, make your decision! - Kill her: - Try to find a cure: Melvendil: One of our elder druids has predicted that a great evil, an evil that could destroy all of Melvendil will emerge from within the soul tree. The predictions of the elder druids have always been accurate and they have saved our home from many disasters countless times. But this time its different, if we destroy our sacred soul tree all the magical creatures and plant life in the sparkling wood will perish. No one cannot bring themselves to commit such an act of genocides. As a hero of Melvondil, you must decide: Destroy the soul tree or try to find a better answer? - Destroy the soul tree: - There must be a better option: Godgorrath: An army of plainsmen and long ears have invaded a small village to the south of Eagle's nest, they've captured many of the villagers including Torvald. We must act quickly, who knows what torturous methods they must be using to retrieve information from him. Take this invisible ink, the enemy have set camp near the destroyed village. We cannot let Torvald reveal any sensitive information that could be used against us, sneak in their camp and kill him before he talks. Make sure you too don't get captured. Will you kill Torvald for the safety of Godgorrath's people or try to rescue him and risk being captured yourself? - Sneak in and kill Torvald: - Sneak in and rescue Torvald: Moraktar: The person, who was thought to have killed you in your previous life has been captured by the House of Decay. They say they will give him to Igor who will use him as a test subject, experimenting to see how much pain the living could endure before they die. You go to talk to Igor and he already know what this person has done to you. Owing you a lot, Igor says he will allow you to use one of his new creations, the Soul Cage Glove, which will allow you to pull the soul out of the living temporarily. Will you let the person that murdered you suffer in pain and agony until he dies, or will you take his soul for yourself? - Let Igor Experiment: - Take his soul for yourself: You know what you chose
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