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Found 11 results

  1. Arkadaşlar merhaba. Eu-Emerald'da MC de 3 lvl olan bir guildimiz var. Klanı eski arkadaşım Hüseyin'den devraldık. Bu hafta 4 lvl olucaz inşallah. Eu-emeralda oynayıp güncel olayları takip eden, Ayvondil T3(Garu-anzu-iri) ve T4(Trolls) de max reputation'ı olan ve ya orada görev yapan tüm kardeşlerimi beklerim. Bu hafta gelmesi beklenen horror circus event'ında da düzenli olarak daily questleri(Boss kesme vs) ve dungeonları yapıcaz. Haftada 3-5k bile olsa gp yaparım diyen tüm kardeşlerimi klana beklerim. Oyun içi nick: Omercix. Ne zaman isterseniz pm atın.
  2. We killer Engineer Raid Boss in 5 Min , here is the video : I hope you enjoy
  3. Hi everyone. I tried to solo Raid Boss Kronus (2M hp) 2 days ago , here the video: I hope you like it
  4. Recently some of my friends from game suggest me to solo some new bosses so I made this video. Here I am soloing some 80k bosses and 90k bosses. I hope you enjoy the video
  5. Recently I got pvp with elasiribd who is one of the most famous player in Warspear Online. Also he is full +10 with full great enchants and full ferocity . He have more than 1000 dmg with %45 ferocity also he is in lvl 8 guild magnacarta which has great buffs. All these stats makes him invincible , or not ?? Lets check the video guys Check my and his stats :
  6. I tried to do kronus dg solo in this event week and tried my luck. Here is the video : I hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/oS0azhncsGg
  7. Omercix


    Yesterday I killed Spawn Boss solo , I did not hear about someone soloed Spawn Boss before, probably this was the first Here is the video : I shortened video because it was too long , I hope u enjoy
  8. Here video: It looks like easy dungeon, also there is no time limit Maybe dev update the dungeon mechanics soon . There is 3 different way to complete the dungeon but easiest one for me is up way. I hope u enjoy the video
  9. I will just start with a video now : Killing pontificies boss Solo without minion and hp pots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRdRQIvTME4 This is my first video so there is a little problem at start of video but generally its good. New tactics will be posted in this post ...
  10. I said , I will do all astral labrynth bosses solo, in my last video , I did but it took more than 45 mins so I just upload the last one Khazh-Maar (EYE BOSS). I used 10-12 pcs hp pots but i did not get any drop Anyway I hope u will enjoy with my new video Khazh-Maar's Mask
  11. Just watch my video , I opened 20x raven chest consecutive , and the result in my video...
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