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Found 3 results

  1. I have been playing warspear for over 6 years. At the time I was playing, the paladin was a good class to take damage or damage, but over time the class became nerfed, this shows that aigrind doesn't really like the class because instead of taking a buff with each update it is nerfed, I wanted to know if you can buff it, it may just be reducing the reload reduction that will already help a lot, I'm sure the game community likes the same class as me, but do not play because it is practically useless, a tip I give is for you to do even if it’s a rework to improve the class again because with 12 classes in the game that are totally unbalanced the paladin ends up suffering and falling into oblivion, if you don’t want him in the game just delete it because it won't make a difference because of the amount of nerf he took
  2. the talent system is still far from over, and with that in mind I thought of some future talents for the charmer's specialist skills. Otherworldly Blessing Dark Echo - When using the "Otherworldly Blessing" creates a healing wave that restores health to allies within 2 meters. Healing value - 15% of the character's magic power and 10% of the physical strength. If the skill is used on an ally, two waves of healing will be done, one on the spell caster and one on the target that received the skill. Maximum number of PvP targets = 5 Otherworldly Fire Eternal Flames - Two additional waves are added to skill repetition, each wave has reduced efficiency by 50% of the skill's original value. Eye of the Darkness Shadow Vigilance - Additionally the Eye of the Darkness skill puts an effect for 10s on the ally, this effect reduces the damage taken from the next 3 direct attacks against the character by 35%. Stone Curse Persistent Curse - After the skill's effect ends, a debuff is applied to the enemy for 3s. This debuff reduces damage dealt by him by 35%, movement speed by 30%, attack speed by 30%, and increases damage taken by him by 10%. Summoner Skill Master Summoner - When using the skill, all your monsters summoned by the skill "Call" that are in the area jump on the enemy, the jump does no damage. Only monsters that are 2 meters or more from the enemy perform this jump. Help of Chaos Chaosflight - "Help of Chaos" summons 3 birds, each bird deals damage and healing equal to 35% of the skill's total strength. I hope to see more and more talents that really improve their skills and be competitive choices in various game content.
  3. Hola galera, eu tenho uma ideia pra futuras atualizações. Bom no game há anéis com Block e anéis com magia, mas porque não fazer anéis que tenham magia + block, assim pode ajudar o Charmer e outros tanks que usam escudo e têm skills que usam magia. Obrigador por ler.
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