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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, before anyone jumping in saying that I'm saying that because it's my class, I do think that Pala is too strong right now. But that was one bad way to balance it, and I'll explain. And after that, I'll try to suggest other ways to balance it. You can go directly to the suggestion if you don't wanna read the whole thing. Also I'm not the only one who thinks that, even people from legion side with good game sense would know that it's just too much. Nerfing Fetters in this radical way is a bad idea, and here is why: 1. Fetters is a basic skill: 1.1. Basic skills define the class. It's like nerfing the heal skill for healers, the damage skill for damage classes, and the stuns for stun classes. I know Paladin isn't explicitly a stun class, but it definitely classify as a crowd control character, and it had only Fetters and Harad Call to do that. And now with most classes having the ability to regain control during fetters, it no longer serves as any type of crowd control. Just like no one ever mentions Mage's Chains or Shamans Earthquake as a reliable control. 1.2. (Pala) Basic skills are dangerous to mess with. If this basic skill goes kaput, there is no other place to put the skill points on. Aura? It's already bad. Agro? No thanks. So there is really no place to put the skill points other than on Fetters. 1.3. The remaining "good" skills for Paladin are all Expert skills, and that's alone a big disadvantage because there will be no time to lay out a good combo due to the 2 seconds cooldown between experts. 2- Fetters has been this way since the beginning of Paladin. And no one ever complained about it. People might have started complaining after the recent 2 skill-related updates. So the skill itself is NOT OP. Don't tell me that it took devs 6 years to realize that Fetters shouldn't block skills usage. If you wanna argue that the class as a whole became too strong, sure, and we could agree to some degree, but you have to look at what made it OP. Let's look at the most relevant and recent skill changes for Pala: Illumination. Now, all mobs under this effect get magical damage.Harad's Call. No banner is needed when using this skill now.Harad's Banner. The number of players being damaged was limited. Depending on the skill level the number of targets is the following: 3-4-5-6.Sun Seal. The chance of success when using the seal on mini-bosses, bosses and raid bosses was significantly increased. It was 10%, now it is 70%. And only after that, Paladins became really relevant, so for you to come and tell me that Fetter is the problem, and nerf it in a way that makes it useless, there is really no way to justify it. I wish that devs tell us why they made changes for skills in general, especially if it has to do with such a change, because it's not the first time that they make a completely bizarre fix like that with no reasonable explanation. Like previously nerfing Warden's damage instead of defense. 3- Fetters is critical for Paladins. Actually not only for Paladins, but also all Sentinels. I don't know if devs know how much important Fetters was for Paladins, they are still the lowest HP tank, the lowest defensive abilities, and Fetters was one way to deal with this disadvantage, it was the only skill besides Banner that made up the Paladin, and now it's gone with no real replacement since it's basic, and as mentioned above, the rest of the basic skills are trash. And as for Sentinels in Arena, they are way underpowered in controlling enemies compared to Legion side as whole. If this fix was purely to balance wars, then that's one good way to lose players, because most players focus on Arena in PvP, balancing wars could've been done in other ways, because in this way, Paladin will be very weak in Arena. Paladin was strong not solely because of his stuns, because if you compare it to other stun classes, it doesn't really have much more stuns, and even when Paladin has more stuns, the other class excels in other aspects like defense (DK/Barb) or damage (BD) or better 1 target control (Warlock/Charmer). Other ideas to balance Paladin: - Fetter cooldown increase or duration decrease - Players affected by fetters will have increased defense against the Paladin or will receive reduced damage from the Paladin (PvP only) - Players affected by fetters will deal increased damage to the Paladin (PvP only) - Banner damage reduction - Remove Harad Call damage (PvP only or when using 1h mace and shield) - Return Harad Call Cooldown to 25 sec. - Or make the Fetter's silencing effect go up with the skill progress, this way, it will stay relevant in arena and reduce control in wars if that's devs' concerns. 1/5: catch 2 characters and silence 1 of them 2/5: catch 3 characters and silence 1 of them 3/5: catch 4 characters and silence 2 of them 4/5: catch 5 characters and silence 2 of them 5/5: catch 6 characters and silence 3 of them - Or finally make the silence effect a chance depending on level (No pls): example: 40%-50%-60%-70%-80% **Combinations and variants of those ideas are possible** But anyway, any of those ideas, wouldn't be as bad as completely removing the silencing effect. Come on, it really destroys the PvP aspect of Paladins. If devs insist on this nerf, the new skill better give 30-40% extra HP, and we should be able to use [Relic of Silence] on Fetters like Barbs and Deathknights, because we don't have anything special now, and they better start working on improving Pala's heal and defensive skills so it becomes a generic tank class like the rest. Heck, Barbs and DKs will have more defense and more control, BDs more stuns and more damage, what kind of logical balance is that?
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