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Found 3 results

  1. Rotten heart. Ability type: Passive. Description: Every 5/4/3/2 critical strike on the Death Knight applies the Rotheart buff to him. Maximum buffs - 3. Buff duration - 4 seconds. Each buff restores health (Heal every 2 seconds) times equal to - 10 \ 15 \ 20 \ 25% of health regeneration and magician. strength. After 3 stacks are reached, new critical hits do not buff and do not renew old ones. That is, after 3 stacks and the end of the buffs, the Death Knight begins to recruit buffs again.
  2. I've started this brb and ask myself: it is worth to build critical instead armor penetration? because the first one do not is aplyied to all atacks, while the penetration is. What I mean is that we need to have a lot of atk speed for crit worth the cost. But still i see some guides where guys recomend to build it. I am confused. Mountain clan brothers, hear my call
  3. Sadly theres a cap , anyway comment down in the video description for new videos and try beat my maximum crit.
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