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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. The title is self explanatory i guess. A alchemy system, completely separated from the crafting one but yet similar, would be a extremely cool addition. But to not be so similar, it would be focused arround getting and refining resources. You would get resources arround the world and would craft and refine them. The resource getting is supposed to to easy, there's SO MUCH already existing items to be used. The great thing would be alchemy licenses, which you would use to refine those resources. Lets say you get some fury horns from those demons near nadir, you would use a license + 10 horns to make something like one "refined horn powder". Those refined ingredients you would use to make potions and elixirs, or even sell them. Yeah you would need 10 horns and 1 license to make one refined, this ratio should change from item to item. This "get and refine" system would allow players to trade rare craft itens like this breath of ravva without messing with the quest(refined ravva breath = you can sell and craft with it, but not complete the quest). Breath of ravva is supposed to be a powerfull ingredient in alchemy, aswell with many others norlant itens. We alse would have a similar leveling and unique random potions like the normal crafting. We would have rare essences and ingredients from bosses aswell. With this system, we could make lots of new potions with a wide of effects from health potions to improves arena and xp pots. Those unique rare potions NEED to be useful to attract players, like 180% or 200% arena points. Improved arena and guild pots would attract pro players and arena spammers from miles. And "not-so-good" pots, health, mana, buffs and others effects would serve to normal players aswell. So what do you guys think? There's some potion or elixir you think should come in with the system? I wish we had a Mida's Elixir that would give players extra gold from quest and monsters, like 50% more or something. Please comment you opnions and ideas for elixirs and potions.
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