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  1. Greetings all brothers and sisters in Warspear ! I shall now give a lengthy explanation and advice on all aspects of druid so please bear with me as this will be a very long one! Since this is a more advanced topic I shall do the traditional opening for the freshmen. Druids are the healer class under the Firstborn Faction. They have low HP and Def but make up for it due to their amazing versatility in all fields. To me they are the strongest healing class capable of restoring above 7500 hp in few seconds (my full pve druid) or send annoying mcs (here mc stands for mountain clans and includes all of the legionary factions) to oblivion one by one. So without further adieu let us begin ! Complete Basic Skill Mastery! Ofcourse you cannot use a druid to it's full potential unless you are firm with it's root foundation 😉 (pun intended). Before we go further here are some terms I use for easy explanation. Healing tick: It refers to the small amount of heal packets that you or the ally receives over a period of time. Blinking: It refers to the critical time which indicate that a skill buff is about to expire. Do note animation of you casting a skill takes .5 to 1 second(s). Healing Dew: This skill heal the caster or his ally by healing ticks over time. This is one tough skill to master despite its apparent straightforward role. Since it is mandatory to max off this skill as soon as possible (Its a no-brainer) I will discuss its properties at level 5. *It has a buff duration of 12 seconds * (There are no relics that can increase this skill duration). *At its first use it has a delay of 2 seconds every consecutive heal tick (when you first cast it you need to wait for 2 seconds for first heal tick)* *It heals 5 ticks over 12 seconds* *Rebuffing the skill when it is till in effect " CANCELS THE HEAL TICK THAT IS YET TO COME AND RESTARTS THE CYCLE"* ^ This is what even intermediate and so called "Pros in terms of amplification" fail to understand. You must only rebuff the skill when the previous skill is expired and here is why: Remember i mention about the delay gap between heal ticks? well lets say you just do a fresh heal tick and over a period of time the buff starts blinking ... there will still be 2 seconds left for the last heal tick ... however you rebuffed ... thus you have successfully wasted your final heal tick, wasted mana, and left you or your ally 4 seconds of no heal ... Great isn't it ? and mind you 4 seconds is life and death in terms of dungeons, soloing a boss or PvP / mc raid. How to use the skill effectively: Here are the two ways I developed over the years to counter and make using the skill alot easier (unless you like counting 1-12 every time you cast the skill). *When your skill is reloaded (cooldown) look on top of the hero who you casted the skill or if it is yourself and count 2 heal ticks (with respect to the first casting this should be your 4th and 5th heal tick) when you see the second tick immediately rebuff because as the old buff expires it gives its final heal tick. *When the buff starts blinking count with the normal pace of that of a stop watch 3.5 seconds (i advice 4 seconds to be on the safer side) rebuff the skill. I usually incorporate a hybrid of the two. By doing so you are guranteed a continous stream of heal ... however this is not easy to master since I myself had a hard time teaching my disciples (who are a little weak in english) . Eventually with patience and practice you can pin this down ;). Entangling Roots: This skill immobilizes the enemy in place and if it is developed above 4 it also silences the enemy from using skills (the skill we depend on the most in PvP) Not much to discuss here as it is pretty straight forward however this skill is well comboed using swarm first then root (pvp terms inorder to achieve stun cycle). Also very handy when fighting ranged stun class as you can abruptly break their stun lock combo on you the moment you see an opening .. however do not use this skill on boss due their resist factor ... it would be a waste of time and mana. Barskin: This skill increases the defence parameter of the caster or other allies by a specified percentage. For those who go all out PvE this is a crucial skill because if used on a powerful tanker can increase his defence alot and hence reduce incoming damages to him by a great degree ... It is also noteworthy in PvP but due to the new update ... and due to skill points deficiency its better to neglect it. Rebuffing of the skill follows the same mention i specified for Healing Dew skill but it is not relevant unless you want to save mana. Barskin at level 5 Increases a hero's defence by 50*%. (Tested by me ... Rip Book of Oblivion)* Thank you @Osnovshik for correcting me below from comments DO NOTE BARSKIN DOES NOT CONSIDER GUILD DEFENSE BUFFS. That is it will increase your defense by 50% of your defense without taking defense increase buffs into account. Instead the defense increase buffs adds on to total defense (like 2000 def (using barskin) + 200* etc (from defense increase buffs other than barskin) = 2200 total defense). Huge shout out to you man ! Lightning Bolt: Basic Damage skill based on the magic you have. Another straight forward skill ... Do note it combos with Power of Water expert skill to induce 1 second stun (at power of water 1/4) inorder to get the combo you have to use Power of Water first (you get a 1 second opening as the enemy gets debuffed) then hit him with Lightning Bolt. Insect Swarm: Applying to a mob or player causes it to get damage over time and also slows down its /his/her attack speed. It does well as a fill-in skill to cause DPS damage (Damage per second) and also can help in kite-ing (keeping proper distance to melee enemy so he cannot touch you) as it reduces attack speed and DOT( Damage over Time) him to slow down. That sums up the basic skills now we have just experts, skill builds, tactics and strategy, and armor build left along with miscellaneous to end this awesome post! Complete Expert Skills Mastery! Now that we graduated from 1st grade let me jump leap teach you what's in 12th grade 😛 (This is a huge one R.I.P Sage). Do note you can purchase the skill from npc shop near T1(Town 1) for 40000 Gold or get as Dg(Dungeon) drop or .. if you are lucky ... from players or dealer (less than 35000 Gold). Secret link: I noticed many do not yet completely understand the mechanism of this skill ... Let an Old Sage explain it in a way everyone will know ... Lets pretend we got two beer glasses (yep .. old Sage does nothing better) Let them be empty ... lets join the side bottom of them with a pipe that has a slide opening which can allow the flow of beer when opened ... now lets fill one of them with beer to the brim ... and the other empty ... now lets remove the slide ... what happens ? Yes all the beer from the filled glass rushes to the empty beer glass until they both are equal in level ... thats the exact same thing link does ... except the person with higher HP does not lose any HP in the process (otherwise its useless). Here the empty beer glass is a player (or you) that has very low HP whereas the full beer glass is a person (or you) with full or higher HP and the pipe is Secret Link skill ... Now lets have some beer 😄 With reference to the above, the skill can either heal you or your friend depending on the scenario. It heals about 5 ticks in less than 2 seconds. It technically takes the difference between the two players in a ratio ( like 2:1 for 2000 and 1000 HP) and heals the lesser hp based on that ration(1/4 its heal is the ratio x100 i.e for 2:1 its 200 hp per healing tick). Upgrading the skill increases the multiplied amount but does not affect the base ratio and also increases the speed of the healing ticks. Best to use the skill when one of you is in a critical situation as it's more or less an emergency skill. This skill is the best healing skill provided the druid has ALOT OF HP (I will talk about it more on the armor build section later. This skill cannot be used on self or minions ... it requires a party member. It has a cooldown of 22 seconds. Healing Barrier: A very powerful skill in terms of its capacity to save a person. It shields the caster or ally and at the same time converts the damage absorbed into HP to heal the caster or ally. It has a long cooldown of 45 seconds which is its main drawback At 1/4 it absorbs and heals 500 HP each (total 1000 HP saved). Lasts 10 seconds. At 2/4 it absorbs and heals 750 HP each (total 1500 HP saved). Lasts 12 seconds. At 3/4 it absorbs and heals 1200 Hp each (total 2400 HP saved). Lasts 16 seconds. At 4/4 it absorbs and heals 1500 HP each (total 3000 HP saved). Lasts 18 seconds. Another draw back is that you need to be at a distance of 3 yards close to the target ... unless its yourself (duh). It's uses in PvE and PvP are also significant as it can save that 1 HP lagger (link still has a delay as its not instant ... more like a flash version of Healing Dew with the beer mechanics lol) or can save you from being one hit K.O from rogues etc. Additionally in PvP it acts as a super delimma because the enemy has two choices ... leave you (stun) and let u heal using Healing Dew or burst his damage on you thereby doing no damage but healing you alot instead ... and by the time enemy breaks his head to make the decision just kill him already and end his misery 😄 Invigorating Stream: This skill restores small amount of HP and MP (Mana Points) to the druid or any ally around 4x4 yards radius around the druid. It heals the ally WITH THE LOWEST HP (saves the pain to find them) No Party required. It is instant. For a 350 damage druid the skill at 1/4 heals 220 HP and 6 MP almost nearing the Healing Dew 270 HP. This skill is used for that little boost and to maintain everyone hp to full (since you will already have your hands full using powerful heal skills for tanker etc.) or to give you that edge in PvP against another healer caster. I recommend this skill as a starter expert skill due to its low cooldown (10 seconds ) and less stressful use (Link and barrier would be useless anyways)(why? because starter druids will max have HP of 2300 and link will be bad ... added the fact you have to be in party yo use it and ... barrier 500 HP and shield for 40 seconds seriously ?) Definitely a skill worth spamming 😛 Power of Water: Deals Good damage to enemy based on magic damage and does AOE (Area of Effect) damage within a radius of 2x2 from the target (at 1/4 aoe damage is 20% of total damage with the skill) It can be comboed with Lightning Bolt to induce a stun effect for 1 second (1/4 of the skill ) which can be used during stun cycle which I will talk about later on. It has a cooldown of 18 seconds. Punitrive Roots: It's a Ground effect skill by which caster can cast it anywhere he/she pleases (casts immediately if 4 yards ... further makes your hero walk till 4 yards requiremeny is fullfilled) If an enemy or mob or boss is caught in its range it will be immobilized (no silence) for a short while taking DOT. Best against rogues who are in stealth (or seeker in arena). Drawbacks are its long cooldown (45 seconds) and its awfully shory duration (3 seconds (1 sec immobilize animation 2nd and 3rd seconds are DOT (yes just 2 damage over time ticks))). Advisable as an extra skill but for pve it does well if points are added. Usefull vs Mobs or melee class enemies and good inorder to deal DPS damage to casters. Forest Song: This skill has its mechanics similar to that of paladin skill Fetter of Justice ... you need to be at a distance of 2 yards to the enemy and affects all in the same distance fron you ... it can work or fail depending on the amount of skill points you add ... Levels 1 and 2 of the skill is useless so I will discuss about it at levels 3 and 4. At level 3 it can sleep anyone around you by an element of chance for 4 seconds. At 4/4 it is 5 seconds of sleep. This is one of Druids main PvP skill aside Entangling Roots. Hitting any target when it is at sleep wakes it up. You can count how long it stuns by seeing the animation overhead the enemy or mob ... if you see "zzzZZZ" 4 times or 5 times (3/4 or 4/4) that means you need to use root to resume stun cycle Has really good cooldown and also works well in PvE like Lab runs or Dgs. It has a cooldown of 18 seconds. Tornado: This skill draws a blue circle on the ground where you place it . All enemies or mobs touching the peripheral of the circle (outer line of the circle) will be dragged into the middle of the circle and receive damage . As long as they are in the circle their cooldown is extended (means take more time to reload skill). I honestly use it just to keep those rogues who jump on me 1 yard away so they cant touch me and stun cycle them to oblivion ... not much of any use .. Can be used to slow down heal reload of enemy casters or any of their skills in general but effect is really short . I do not advice this to get first ... maybe get it if you are bored and are already well settled in game. It has a cooldown of 21 seconds. Elemental Backup: Newly added skill as of update 7.7.0 It summons a low HP ranged minion which deals magic damage (damage increases based on Magic damage of caster and skill points added ... added skill points also increase its HP Its a great skill for both PvE and PvP. In PvE it further contributes to druids DPS and in PvP also does the same with distraction ... for example suppose a Charmer stuns me but my minion is alive ... the minion will attack the charmer thus forcing the charmer to kill the minion neglecting the druid and ... druid hot ready with stuns 😛 Do note as of the new update Minions do not die when caster or user die. Same with pots and scrolls. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds. With that I conclude the Expert Skills ... It will be further experimented with and updated regularly to give reliable results. Now lets see ... Skill build, Armor build and tactics and strategy left ... wew im tired already 😛 Complete Skill Build Mastery! Now we shall dive into the Skill Structure for druids. I will be posting main skil builds along with their variants and tweeks so enjoy (Sage still not R.I.P) *****These builds are taken for High end druids (LV28) If you are a lower level druid start off with Max Healing Dew and progress as prescribed below***** PvE Builds: Variant 1: PURE Support. Basic build: Max Healing Dew, Max Barskin, 3/5 Lightning Bolt. Expert build: Max Secret Link, 3/4 Healing Barrier 2/4 Invigorating Stream. *This build gives the most powerful heals both bursts and gradual along with Def increase. This type of druid is all you need for TP Myth for healers .... *Literally capable of healing 4 people with varying needs. However this is also the hardest build to take as it will be intense pressure from everywhere. Also if anyone dies in Party they gonna blame you so you need lots of practice for this. *Your solo ability is also heightened however you will suck at everything else ... PvP ? Forget it .. 2x2 maybe ok but either ways your KOSed.(KOS stands for Kill.On.Sight ... Example: "Sage is always KOS in PvP cave ... cause he fights back gankers" lol ). Variant 2: PURE ... just boss solo. Basic skill build: Same as Variant 1 but added points in Insect Swarm instead of Lightning Bolt. Expert skill build: Max Healing Barrier, Max Invigorating Stream.(Yep) *This built is solely for boss solo. Added Insect Swarm lowers boss attack speed. Max Healing Barrier and Max Invigorating stream compliments each other well in terms of cooldown and intensity of heal... good luck farming bosses. Variant 3: Devastator. Basic Skill Build: Max Healing Dew, 4/5 Lightning Bolt, 4/5 Insect Swarm. Expert Skill Build: 3/4 Punitrive Roots, 3/4 Power of Water, 3/4 Tornado. *What else to explain here ? You are basically a Mage that heals. PvP Builds ♡ Now lets move on to PeeWeePee !!! Here the base structure is the same with very little variants. Variant 1: Mr. Perma Stun. Basic Skill build: Max Entangling Roots, Max Healing Dew, 3/5 Lightning Bolt (or) 3/5 Insect Swarm. Expert Build: Max Forest Song, 3/4 Healing Barrier, 2/4 Power of Water. (Or) 2/4 your preferred skill. Complete Armor Build Mastery! I will be Dividing this section based on level > economic and pro. (This one is short just armor suggestion and stats to keep in mind). *Arena Gear builds are not included cause ... its a no-brainer just get full arena gears or swap head boot with hp increase craft armors* Since Druids are Gradual Healers in general but also powerful instant healers gears for this class consists of hybrid from Instant heal classes (See my "Beginner Advice for New Players" in New Players Sub forum) which makes Druids one of the most costly hero to make. In short, Druids require High cooldown, High MP regen, High MP pool, Very high HP,Good Critical, and it goes on ... (rest not necessary like lifesteal,stun, retribution etc.). For level 12-13 Druids: Seriously druids suck below level 18 make priest much better. For levels 14-17: Why even bother ? We're not yet level 18 are we ? Just get Desert Wander and Star Pilgrim equips Along with Abyss Zealot Accesories.... Must have Abyss zealot cape that has MP regen and magic damage bonus make it +4 with Critcal Cyrstal and HP Regen rune. For level 18: Now we are talking ! We sucked enough dirt now time to clean our mouth and polish our teeth. ECONOMIC: Get Guiding Treads Boots and Hood along with a new level 18 staff and invest in expert skills. (I hoped you listened to me previously cause we are using level 17 equips still). Amplify to +4 and use Def runes and Cooldown crystals. Also get Medallion of thousand suns and add Critical and HP runes. PRO: Get full set GT and + all 6. For level 20: ECONOMIC: Added with the current armor you have get Star Wisdom Chest and Glove (Yes .. glove). Add Attack speed Crystals and Def runes. Need to switch rings with Skyfire rings. MP Regen crystals and Hp Runes on rings. Make all equips +4. You will be standing strong with a maximum health of around 3500HP to 3600HP (no guild buff .... with guild buffs can go 4000HP!!) Normal level 20 craft staff with Cooldown is enough. PRO: Star wisdom Chest and Glove combined with HP increase craft head and shoes for level 20 and HP belt level 20 (magic included). Use Purple tier Spring Staff level 20 (15% auto attacks) In my opinion these are the best Staff Type for any healer. Skyfire Rings Craft cloak (15% entra magic and mana regen) Firey Skies amulet. Get dat nice belt with HP and Magic. These armor builds are both very powerful so we jump straight to level 26. **Do Swap GT hood and boots to Kronus head and boot and add Cooldown and Def Crystals and Runes on the way** Level 26: ECONOMIC: Keeping current equipment Swap SW Chest and glove with the new Level 26 Robe of Mages of Flying Islands and its glove set-part. Swap your petty level 18 amulet with a level 24 (or 26 if you can find) Nature amulet which has Hp and magic bonuses. Use a level 26 spring staff if possible. Amplify Everything to +6 minimum. PRO: Your unique armor set is ... the best . 😛 Mine is ... chest and glove robe of mages with level 26 amulet cloak added with level 26 craft hood and boots Hp increase with Snow belt level 26 spring staff and (I need to change these rings *puke*) skyfire rings (yep ... need to change them) *** Mainly what I wanted to point out is that following me on insta... *ahem* I mean following the economic type build is the most cost effective and powerful ... some may argue that the economic is as good as pro ...*** And now ... What we all have been binge reading to get ... The Tactics and Strategy for Druid ! *#crowdgoeswild* Druid Tactics and Strategy Mastery! Arena Druid and PvP Combos: *Before atempting the combos please do rebuff Heal* Anti-Melee Combo: Entangling Roots > Insect Swarm > Power of Water followed by Lightning Bolt in quick succession > Punitrive Roots > Entangling Roots > Power of Water followed by Lightning Bolt in quick Succession > Go near till there is 2 yard gap between you and melee warrior > *Forest Song and heal yourself ... count 4-5 seconds if 3/4 or 4/4 and repeat combo. *Incase Forest Song fails use Entangling Roots and repeat the combo*. *Inbetween skill Gaps you may use Tornado or Elemental Backing etc. but make sure it does not slow down the main combo build up* ¤To Perform the combo you need to be level 20 having Power of Water Punitrive Roots and Forest Song. ¤Forest Song must be at a minimum of 3/4 and Skill Cooldown no less than 17%. Result: A druid level 20 with 350 damage can destroy any rogue level 26/Any melee lvl 26 or higher (Gears not above +6 and no resilience nor ferocity). Complete perma-stun combo: Entangling roots > normal hit and move near enemy > Power of Water and Lighting Bolt in quick succession > Forest song (you will have 5 seconds to heal urself and prepare your skill) > just before the sleep ends use swarm and entangling roots in quick succession > repeat the combo from Power of water. This is an advanced combo and requires 4/4 Forest song along with a minimum of 30% cool down (joining a guild which has cooldown passive is a great idea). This combo is usually the most annoying combo for the enemy as he can basically only normal attack you ... however ... *** If Forest Song fails you have to use Entangling Roots ... this would mess up your skills timing and will result in your enemy breaking from your perma stun. *Incase one of combos the fails ... get ready and rebuff your Healing Dew inorder to tank your enemy comeback* Tactics: If your enemy has a Tanker class that seem overpowered do NOT waste time damaging him. Instead go for his partner. If you remember my Beginner Guide you will know that you are easy picks for damager type class ! They must be eliminated immediately. ¤ If your partner is a Tanker Type: Be sure to heal him with Healing Dew and Buff him up with Barskin. And after doing so rebuff yourself. Always know that you will be the enemy's main target since you sustain the tanker. Allow the tanker to head in first and Stun the necessary enemy and remember to keep distance from enemies. Try and perma disable the enemy tanker and focus your damage to other weaker player. Depending on the scenario disabling the more op player is also accepted. ¤ If your partner is a Damager Type: Know you both are vulnerable PvE Druid and Tactics *need to wait ... sage gat no free time to poast sach a huge piece R.I.P Sage* *DUE TO LACK OF TIME AND AD MIST MY BUSY SCHEDULE I WILL BE SUBMITTING IT NOW IN ORDER TO PRESERVE THE POST ... SORRY MODERATORS ... I WILL RE-EDIT IT ASAP AND POST THE OTHER PENDING CONTENTS THANK YOU --*
  2. Greetings to all my Brothers and Sisters in Warspear ! I shall now give a detailed explaination and advice on Paladin so bear with me as this will be a long one. In the Story of Warspear App, Harad's resting form was the Lion while his battle form was Paladin. Paladin is one of the most versatile class in the whole game. Being originally a Tanking class it can Support , Heal , Damage and disable enemies. However do note this is an Advanced - Sopisticated class and requires heavy investment but pays off as you will never get bored with Paladin as you will always be needed on the field. As a Jack-of-all-Trades it can do everything well but master of none. However, no matter how fun and cool it may seem, this class is basically one of the weakest class with lowest hp increase among all tanking class (even less than a blade dancer at level 26-28). It is one of the worst Low-Level hero to make and is a Late bloomer (Its God-Like abilities only come after level 19). And though it may seem Over-Powered it is not so ... It requires Skill, Tactics, Strategy, Skill build, Proper Armor and weapon gears, Good internet connection (yes ...) and alot of heavy investment grind and pain. There are lots of burn outs from this class since many do not know the complex mechanics behind such a beautiful class. Here I will break-down all the concepts of Paladin, its working and usage. I will be dividing this into many parts so kindly read the guide as a whole and refer its parts as you read on and take notes. Choose and Plan out your Paladin! Being a Jack-of-all-Trades inorder to be a true master of this class you will need to keep a firm and determined mind and be adamant on what will your Paladin do. If you want to Tank you will lose Damage and Heal or Heal and Damage (Tank > Damage > Heal or Tank > Heal > Damage). If you want to Damage you will lose Tank and Heal or Heal and Tank (Damage > Heal > Tank or Damage > Tank > Heal). If you want to Heal you will lose Damage and Tank or Tank and Damage (Heal > Damage > Tank or Heal > Tank > Damage). That being said you will have to sacrifice stats and abilities for the Specialisation of your Paladin. We can broadly classify Paladins into 3 types along with their key variations. 1. Damage Paladin. 2. Tank Paladin. 3. Healer Paladin. Detailed Information about Skill Build, Armor Build, Tactics etc. Given at other sections of this Guide. 1. Damage Paladin: Paladins have the capacity to deal insane burst damage that overpowers and is superior to any other class and can overtake a Ranger if lucky. However these type of Paladins have a Mage-Like play style and suffers from low Hp, Mana burn, Low defense, added to that they are vulnerable when their skills are on cooldown. There are 3 Variations to this: a) Full-Magic Based Paladin Giving thought that all Paladin Experts are Magic-Based it would be unimaginable having to spam 5 Magic damage Expert Skills along with Basic Skills. This type of Paladin Maximizes its Magic Damage output by equipping a Magic Based Weapon preferably a Magic Hammer* (2handed) or a Magic Spear (2handed) and having all magic damage accessories. *Magic hammer is prefered since adding a "Magic Damage Crystal" (Crystal of Destruction (Hammer)) to its Primary Crystal Slot gives alot of enchant bonus compared to spear. (*Not sure if it is a bug or intentionally given by devs but has been around for a long time*) Having Lifesteal Magic accessories makes this Paladin capable of Solo-ing bosses and seemingly unkillable. Pros: ¤ Unbelievable insane Damage Burst from Skills. ¤ Healing Potential and Destructive AOE (Area Of Effect) Damage. ¤ Beautiful and Artistic. ¤ If equipped with High Cooldown and High Lifesteal it can seem Invincible if it can spam skills. ¤ Cons: ¤ Vulnerable when Not Spamming any skill. ¤ Has very low Physical Damage. ¤ Weak against enemies with high Magic Resistance. ¤ Is not capable of solo-ing bosses unless equipped with Lifesteal thus making this build a little bit Expensive. ¤ Low Defense and Hp making it an easy pick when stunned. ¤ Since Harad's Banner is your main Trump-Card if an enemy avoids your Harad's Banner you are toasted. ¤ Follows a Blast'N'Run Tactic making you seem like a Coward and a "Pussy". Kindly don't worry since you are simply doing "Tactical Retreat" (LMAO). *Hey a live rat does more harm than a dead lion* b) More Physical - Less Magical Based Based Paladin. This Paladin keeps a ' 2:1 ' ratio balance between Physical and Magical Damage (eg. 800 physical damage with 400 magical damage). Maintains magic accessories but uses a Physical Based Spear (2handed) with magic damage as its secondary attribute. Added to it is a "Magic Damage Crystal" (Crystal of Arrogance (Spear)) for its Primary Crystal slot. This paladin sacrifices some magic damage for physical making it capable of making use of both physical and magical damage and is more "One enemy at a time" Style of fighting. However unlike Full-Magic Based, the Paladin is not vulnerable if all skills are in Cooldown since it can Auto-Attack and deal Physical-Based Attacks while dealing Magic Blast combos. This too, when equipped with Lifesteal and Cooldown can solo bosses down and seem unkillable. Pros: ¤ Unbelievable damage to a single or few enemies. ¤ Gives more flavor and Spice variety of damage to your enemy(ies). ¤ Very ideal to destroy every gear of enemy. ¤ Is not vulnerable when Expert Magic skills are in Cooldown since it can make up with Physical attacks. ¤ Savage and Raw in fight style and is seemingly invincible when equipped with Lifesteal and Cooldown. ¤ Over all less burst damage than Full-Magic Based Paladin However maintains proper over all damage even when at cooldown of skills thus making this the most strongest damage type Paladin over a 0.5 -1 minute damage time. ¤ Cons: ¤ It cannot take on multiple enemies effectively as compared to Full-Magic Based Paladin. ¤ Lower Magic means lesser Damage output from Magic Damage Skills. ¤ Is costly just like Full-Magic Paladin. ¤ Very Low Healing Potential as compared to Full-Magic Paladin. ¤ Low Defense and Hp making it an easy pick when stunned. ¤ It is a more "Brave" Style of combat however it can easily be overpowered by more number of enemies. Do not be discouraged to take "Tactical Retreat" if needed. (LMAO). c) Full-Physical Based Paladin (NOT RECOMMENDED !). This Paladin completely neglects Magic Damage and goes all in for Physical Damage. This is highly unadvisable since Magic is an integral part of a Paladin and helps catalyze many skills for the proper working and playability of a Paladin. Thus, this paladin can only use 2 Expert Skills properly rendering the rest as completly useless. It uses either a Spear (2handed stun) or a mace and shield (stun) and equips with Physical Damage Crystal and uses normal accessories. It is the cheapest Paladin ever to make and is only effective at Low Levels. Using Physical Damage accessories Lifesteal or not is fine but advisable only for low levels ! Do not waste such on a high level Paladin that follows this path. (This is a paladin that has basically NO MAGIC). Pros: ¤ Does Solid Physical Damage. ¤ If using Mace-Shield it allows for Tanking abilities and faster Auto-Attack speed. ¤ Cons: ¤ Everthing. 2. Tank Paladin: Before the introduction of Wardens, Paladins were the Best Tankers in the Sentinel's Side (as we say ... elf) but many have either abandoned Paladin or switched to Wardens not seeing how powerful the Paladin has become over time. It is true a Paladin cannot tank as well as a Warden but makes up for that by the sheer Damage and Heals it can provide. Tank Paladins are meant to 1v1 a boss with a couple of mobs and has a limit as to how many it can tank and inorder to survive has to take down mobs or have any weak healer. Paladins can become almost as good as a warden when accompanied by any weak healer as it has healer friendly skills and can increase the heal output considerably. It takes practice, time, effort, planning, skill builds, gear builds, tactics, strategy and luck inorder to master Paladin as a Tanker. To me, Tank Paladin is the most versatile and all-round Paladin in terms of PvE and PvP but NOTE this type of Paladin is the MOST EXPENSIVE PALADIN TO MAKE AND IS ONLY EFFECTIVE AT +7 ONWARDS. There are mainly 3 types of tank Paladins: a) Full-Hp Based Paladin. b) Hp-Lifesteal Hybrid Based Paladin.(Which I personally use). c) Full-Lifesteal Based Paladin. There are the Physical and Magical Variants for each type of Tank Paladin making it a total of 6 Varieties of Tank Paladins. Please note you need a minimim of 25% or more Cooldown inorder to effectively use any Tank Paladin. a) Hp-Based Paladin. As the name suggests this paladin is focused on achieving the maximum Hp possible inorder to Tank . Having an insane high Hp makes it tiresome to take down and provided with good defense makes it really tough to take down. Also note that the new Paladin's Prayer increases as well as heals 40% of total Hp (guild bonuses not included) and Sun Seal + Repellent Strike restores 20% total Hp added with Hp increase (Relic of Unprecidented Health 20% total Hp) and Hp based heal relics (Great Relic of Refreshment 20% total Hp) makes this Paladin capable of doing Insane Comebacks from near-death scenarios. (Guild Hp Increase Bonus is not considered for the working of these.) This Paladin uses hybrid of Hp set bonuses gears (eg. Kronus Chest Head + Dark Skies Glove Boots) or 2 pcs Hp set hybrid with 3rd tier Hp % Equipments. Weapons of choice are any mace and shield and either Hp accessories with magic or physical damage bonus as you deem fit. Fortitude Runes must be used at every slot available for its use. Accuracy and attack speed are necessary for working of Sun Seal + Repellent Strike and overall performance. Pros: ¤ Capable of achieving the Highest Hp possible among all the other class despite the irony that it is the lowest based hp class ! (I reached 10000 Hp, 12000 with Hp Pots and Scroll and can possibly reach 14500- 15000 Hp if having Arena Buff Reward Skill -.-) ¤ For a limited time you can become invincible using your Heal and Hp skills. ¤ Insane heals per Heal Cycle (eg. For me I do 2300 (Paladin's Prayer) + 1500 (Sun Seal + Repellent strike (3/4) + 1500 (Relic of Unprecidented Health) + 850 (Critical Heal on Heavenly Light skill) + 1900 (Great Relic of Refreshment) = Total of 8050 burst Heals in 7-8 Seconds time per heal cycle if all are successful in activation). ¤ Extreme Survivability and Healer Friendly. ¤ A proper frontline Tanker which devastates enemies one by one. ¤ Cons: ¤ Due to the Large Cooldown Time required for the skills, the Paladin is very vulnerable when all Heal skills are on Cooldown. ¤ Cannot solo some bosses unless accompanied by healer. ¤ Healer dependent Paladin. ¤ Does not have a passive way or small constant Heals or Lifesteal to compensate while Main Healing Skills are on cooldown. ¤ Block,Dodge and Parry stats are very low. ¤ Sitting duck and can die quick when facing lags or short net cut-offs or if stunned. b) Hp-Lifesteal Hybrid Based Paladin. This is an improved hybrid of Hp based paladin which incorporates Lifesteal attribute without compromising its maximum Hp. Is the same as Hp paladin but now uses Lifesteal shield and mace and Hp-Lifesteal Amulet and Cape along with hp accessories. Such a Paladin requires High Physical damage inorder to properly and efficiently restore Hp upon dealing damage. Pros: ¤ Having all pros of a Hp Paladin Added with sturdy and strong amounts of lifesteal. ¤ It can solo many more bosses as compared to Hp Paladin. ¤ It can survive even when you are AFK (Away from Keyboard). Cons: ¤ Is probably the most espensive Paladin around. ¤ Compromising some Hp for Lifesteal you cannot get to showoff as the highest hp hero but you can shock many nevertheless. c) Lifesteal Based Paladin. Most of the Grey-Haired Paladins and players will remember this one as it was one of the early attempts to make Paladin capable of solo-ing bosses. Neglecting Hp and focusing on Lifesteal Magic / Physical accessories and Wielding a strong Magic / Physical (with magic ofc) Mace, this Paladin is a true Holy Vampire (lol). This Paladin can solo a boss provided its damage : lifesteal ratio is higher or equal to the boss damage but due to the low Hp it can be taken out in an instant with few combos of critical attacks if not vigilant. Pros: ¤ Good survivability with demonic appearence. Cons: ¤ Gets screwed when an attack misses. ¤ Due to low Hp can be quickly taken out of the battle field and cannot tank muliples (Boss+Mobs are not its cup of tea). ¤ If enemy has high defense (Raid bosses or a Warden for example), your damage : lifesteal ratio will be less and hence you die. ¤ Expensive as hell. 3. Healer Paladin. Just as a Damage Paladin is the cousin of a Mage , a Healer Paladin is the cousin of a Priest. Having focused all destructive powers on its healing power this Paladin can even substitute for a priest (except the resurrection). This Paladin utilises maximum Cooldown, Critical, Mana regen, and Maximum Magic (preferably a Magic Hammer). Pros: ¤ Insane healing bursts. ¤ Strengthens other heals by 22% (maxed out light aura). ¤ Sturdy shielding. Cons: ¤ High cooldown. ¤ Ok damage. ¤ Bad at PvP. Playing with other stats can give funny results to these paladin builds. Complete Basic Skill Build Mastery! So let's get right into it ! As usual for a tanker we have 1 damage skill, 1 taunt skill. But we now have a heal skill, A heal increase party buff and a movement impair disable skill (If maxed or 4/5). Purifying: A physical damage skill which gives heavy damage. If the enemy is under Fetter Of Justice effect using Purifying will activate a magical D.O.T (Damage Over Time). Fetters Of Justice: It is a skill / movement impair area skill. It reduces incoming damage from the affected enemy (not much really) At levels 4/5 5/5 it will have the silence ability which will mute the affected enemies from using skills If Purifying is used after the usage of this skill the enemy will get DOT magical damage (just 3-4 ticks). The dot depends on your magic power. It has a radius of 3 yards Light Aura: Persuation: Heavenly Light: *KINDLY NOTE I WILL COMPLETE THIS POST PIECE BY PIECE SINCE IT HAS VERY LARGE CONTENT ... APOLOGIZE FOR INCONVENIENCE*
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