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Found 1 result

  1. Hello dear developers, moderators, and players.. As you all know, many things changed during the latest updates, more skills were added, stronger enemies became the mobs in the environment, and many other gears and new stats were introduced. And because of that all, some older stuff became "outdated", in this suggestion of fixes, I will explain what those stuff are and how to restore their lost importance. Equipment and Characters Suggestions... The general idea of those suggestions is to balance the defense of players in accordance to their attacks and the attacks of the environment. 1- Fortitude Runes. A big amount of players now use Vampirism Runes, because the HP given from Fortitude Runes is so little and insignificant, if we compare it to the damage being received from other players/mobs. We are talking about 62 HPs on lvl22 accessories. Leaving those runes unusable. I suggest increasing the amount of given HP in those runes, enabling players to have more options. Also the damage from other players is big now, so 62 HP as in lvl22 rings is like nothing. 2- Defense Runes/Runes of Magic Defense. In this fix suggestion, I am pointing out the enchants for gears of tankers. I mean, 301 defense on lvl20 armors of ALL TYPES, and here is the problem, in my opinion, Runes should be adjusted according to the types of gears. A +10 heavy helmet of lvl20 for example has a total of 922 defense points if we enchant it with defense rune, and lvl20 light helmet has a total of 768 with the same amp and enchants. 154 defense difference between the two types of helmets of the same level. This difference is so slight, reducing the importance of tanks gear. A character with light armor set can have around 4k defense, give that char a heavy set of the same level and it will have 5k def. So it's better for even tanks to go with light armors with less 1k defense but better stats. **A good alternative way is to increase the percentage of defense for the given defense gained. For example instead of 53.2% for 7412, make it something like 60% or so. (You understand what I mean) At the moment, having a tanker in the party is not necessary, because even light armor users can tank. 3- Runes of Healing. Same idea of HP runes, the amount of regeneration should be increased. 4- Shield Runes. Block now is limited, and tanks can go 15% max block, giving less importance for the "Shield wielders". Suggesting the addition the ability of using Shielding Runes on rings. So it would be better for people to pick actual tankers to tank hard bosses. **Alternatively, devs could add another buff along with the defense buff for shields, and this buff would be a block buff. Adding about 6-8% block. Another suggestion regarding block is to add block scrolls in Miracle Shop.(Also Parry scrolls) 5-Maximum Energy and Energy Regeneration. Just a small addition would be great, if players get more maximum energy and energy regen for leveling up, like max HP and HP regen increasing each level up. The reason is that we have now many skills, and the mana stayed as it is when we had 5 basic skills only. So it'd be logical to add more energy as more skills could be obtained. 6- Runes on 2-handed weapons. Talking about Parry and Dodge enchants, to make the percentage of enchanting a 2handed weapon equals enchanting 2 1-handed weapons. Just like in the new runes of Retribution. Those suggestions are useless? Nope, how many times devs needed to "nerf" bosses, because players couldn't defeat? With those suggestions, devs can add those strong bosses, and players could defeat them with more practice and struggles. I'm against having weak bosses, or overpowered ones. i just want fun while hunting those bosses. And in PvP side, those who have insanely high damage could blow others with few seconds, making PvP less fun as it was before, and making it money=power>skill/gear. Other Suggestions... 1- Arena Guild Points. Guild Points, that are being given in Arena is low in comparison with the other GP making possibilities, I don't want it to have the same Gold/Mcoin-to-GP ratio as in dungeons, but just a little bit higher to make the sleeping Arena more active. And this also would help that less people would spam arena with "losing party", and actually fight against actual players, giving Arena more fun as it was in the past. 2- More items in Guild's Merchants and Tournament related suggestions. Crimson Corundums have already lost their value over the past months. Adding more new stuff to the those vendors might actually help in restoring their value. (If devs aren't willing to change them as a whole). I'd like also to suggest some items, that could be added... -Signs of Imperishability. With receiving parameters. -Summon Lightning Spirit. Along with new unique minions. Receiving also. -Unique Potions and scrolls: devs can be creative for those ones. Receiving of course. -New Gears: (just an idea) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/48134-new-heroic-cc-sets-with-new-bonuses/#entry883793 And an idea for Tournaments reward... -Adding new chests instead of the current rewards chests, those chests are called "Unity chests". Inside, you can find unity signs, unity potions, great unity potions, guilds pocket, reputation potions, and with a rare chance, new costumes and skins, and other loots. Prizes could be 10-8-6 pcs for #1-2-3, respectively. That's it for now, I will add more stuff if something comes to mind. And maybe you guys can give some ideas related with this stuff? Let's discuss it.
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