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  1. Lexi in a cat suit, yes. Do you like barbs to be brutal or gentle?
  2. > implying we aren't Do you love yourself go a point of molesting yourself with a tail?
  3. Less short sentences. What else would you change about yourself?
  4. Bring back unity of friendship. Doing activities with friends Pray for better skills. If you were to change a thing about me, what would you say?
  5. Yes but it's hard. Do you feel welcome in CrpseParty?
  6. I'm to lazy to hit the buttons. would you consider goat killers as your family?
  7. Get undressed ontop of me and find out. Would you eat goat?
  8. No I have a life of standing next to miss afk 2014. Do you think aoa has goats?
  9. Yes. Would you dare to undress infront of a male?
  10. I love it and I'm proud of making it. If i dropped you on your hands and knees would you let me stare at your panties for 7 hours?
  11. Aside from memories and purely mage wise, the fact you can teleport like a boss, crush bunnies under flaming rocks and chain retarded rogues all over the place. Not to mention MOERU. Any future class you'd like to play?
  12. A potting necro, it gives you nightmares. What would you consider the weakest class with the most flawls (up to date)
  13. Yes, necros are to op and should be nerfed by non instant heal. Do you think rogues can tank?
  14. Yes because I fail at being a necromancer (can't revive the dead) Would you consider a tank to beat everyone?
  15. Already do milady. Would you charge a parasite when you're at 200hp?
  16. White because if it's stained with darker colours it's a no go. How would you see your perfect murder?
  17. Walk inside say hello and leave You open the toilet stall, what do you see?
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