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  1. That is easier said than done, there should be a way to buy gold (currency) for mc coins, I mean who has 30k gold without buying? Would make the game better.
  2. I have mc coins, but, is there a good way to spend them as all I see them for is skins and stuff like that, I don't like going into the arena as there are much tougher opponents in there than me and I noticed that arena points are the only good thing for good amrors, weapons etc :( Any suggestions as it leaves me a bit disappointed? :facepalm:
  3. This is just a little suggestion from myself, but, I am using a PC to play and I was wondering if maybe you could create the 'escape key' on the board to close the text boxes, rather than me keep clicking close all the time :dirol: Possible?
  4. Snolax, I am using a PC, so when it is done, will I have to download again to update or leave it as it is and just continue?
  5. I was just about to ask that :clapping:
  6. Is Eu-Emerald server down because of maintenance (update) or just crashed...again? ::)
  7. I managed to find another way around that quest :tease: there are alot of bugs here though and need to be fixed asap :shok: I am sure they will release a patch soon.
  8. There are so many bugs, it is becoming unreal now, I am using a PC and everytime I go near certain bosses or do something, it comes up with "windows client/ Warspear client has stopped working" I have ended up dying so many times :( Also, there are so many "Quests not found" it does become irratating looking around for something you have no idea about :aggressive: Will these be fixed soon? p.s. I thought it easier to reply here rather than make a new thread and I am on the chosen side and I am a priest ::)
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