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  1. Lack of post count? Why spam when I told thared close..
  2. I Report You , Good Day. And Just For You'r Info, I May Request Thared Lock When I The One Who Start it. This Thared May Be Close, I Dune Here. Do Not Repaly
  3. Before Blame And Atack, I New Here. Like Manny Other MMORPGs there are 2nd/3th classes, And i was sure here the same, I Was Wrong! Kill Me Maybe? You Could Tell Me I Wrong And Not Start By Abuse Stuff etc.... This Thared May Be Close, I Dune Here. Do Not Repaly
  4. Oh Ye I Forgot :D If You Have Many IOS Devices You Can Easily Download As Much As You Want. And You'r Welcome ;D
  5. Hello Guys. I Am Iphone4 User And As Far I See There Are No Download Avilabe For The New Update "3.0" For Warspear Online At AppStore, The Last Version There Are 2.1 And The Reason The New Update Not There Yet It's Just Becouse "ISO Approval" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Approval_of_iOS_apps, What May Take 7 To 30 Days. That's The Reason I Want Suggest Make Other Download Sorce Vie Installous On (iPhone,iPad, iPod) For ISO Users ( We Always Got All Updates Last ). It's Really Simple And I Really Hope You Guys And The Crew/Staff Here Will Approve My Suggestion And Will Upload Few More Links On Next Hours ( Should Take Less The 15 Mins Make Link ). This Guilde For Staff To Save Time And Help Make Extra Download Sorce Of 3.0 Version, And Not Wait Unknow Amount Of Time For "Approval Of IOS".. : ___ Step 1: Download and install Crackulous from Cydia Open up Cydia, which is the app store that’s installed when you jailbreak your iPhone. Go to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add. Then type in http://cydia.hackulo.us . After that, search “Crackulous”, and download and install it. Step 2: Crack some stuff Cracking apps with Crackulous is way too easy. When you open up Crackulous, you are shown a list of all of the apps that you have downloaded from the App Store. Just tap on any of them, and Crackulous will instantly crack them. Woooo. And… that’s pretty much it. You now have a cracked version of the app saved as a .ipa file (IPA stands for “iPhone Application”). Next, you need to move that .ipa file off your device, and onto Installous. The next part of the guide shows you how; there are two different methods for doing this. Rest Of Upload Dune With Crackulous :) Hope My Suggestion Will Become Trure And Hope Get Some Karma, Or At Least Few Thanks :friends:
  6. Will try When ill back home, I Stuck At Work And Can't Play, The AppStore Version Still Not Updated :/
  7. I Don't Really Think It's Bannble. I Also Play As Low lvl Death Knight, And when i see this kind of "disturber" come, i just ignoring this quest, and back leter.
  8. It's Not Rules.... Its Recommendations. And Thanks Anyway.
  9. Btw how u trade it? Or the meaning by items?
  10. Hello, Is There Skill Upgrader For Death Knight Class? If There Is Please Show Me Location, Or At Least Tell Where ::)
  11. Definitely Yes! The Beginner Pack Just Awesome!
  12. ment2008


    I Guess Now It's The Perfect Time Read The Rules And Figure Out What The Reason You Receive The BAN.
  13. ment2008


    Did You Know, 5months ago sound like Lifetime BAN. I guess you did something really Serios. Use: http://warspear-online.com/en/support
  14. ment2008


    дело не нытики или нет. мне лично не нравитса хадит от одного края до другобо по 10 минут, когда другие ето делают за сикунду за $$$ . иза етого я сказал "ну когда растояниые очин далико, стоыемаст будет сотбетсуиет" хот по 500 голд, ну штоб не преходелась тратит столко бремя.
  15. Hello Guys. New Here Over Here I Started Yesterday And Playing As Death Knight Today I Level 6 So Cheers :drinks:
  16. ment2008


    да надо, ну когда растояниые очин далико, стоыемаст будет сотбетсуиет
  17. http://warspear-online.com/en/support > Accout Recovery And Send There All The Info You Just Write Here. And Delete All The Info You Just Write Like ID's/Names/Server, Manny May Use It Agenst You. [/color]And You May Lose You'r Accout.
  18. 1. This Kind Of Questions You Should Ask At Support Section: http://warspear-online.com/en/support 2. When You Write Text Use http://translate.google.com/ : to GM.... *Hello ( Enught If You Have Poor ENglish ) I Have Benn Been replenisreplenish *My MC Today *. by MOL poits at 28 jully 2012 11:39PM ... ( Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #666999666999K) You'r Transaction ID, It's More Then Enught To Know When And How Much You Pay. pleasee fix it.... *Please Check What's Wrong/*Please Solve It. please give solutionz...plz reply my questtttttttttt................ ty... *Thanks, *Your Name Or Acronym
  19. i just don't like see that most player play rangers.... it's show on total unbalance. crew should nerf it and incress other claases to bring activity at all classes. I not talk directly about my class. Barb/warlock/necro etc also poor activity.
  20. i just read at appstore support forum: Most of the time it takes 7 days.
  21. When you telling "But New", how long this new class avilable?
  22. Get 50 posts and then you will be able to add/take karma. Good Luck.
  23. I enter this forum: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?board=21.0 and i see that my class no one play or talk about, should i keep play it or go druid or something? i don't really like play on class that "dead" and no 1 like it or play it :( .
  24. Any New When AppStore Client Will Be Updated To 3.0? :cray: i stuck on work night shift and can't play :/ Crew Any New's When AppStore Will Be Updated :search:
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