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  1. A New minion that heal mana. GREAT!

    I like this.


    Minions with expert skills when

    Yes, when?





    After v3.12 aka 'Expert Skills 'update, I thought in an idea to make a new type of minions named "Experts", they'll be the rarest kind of minions even more than "Unique", they can have a base & expert skill in same time or 2 experts at the same time and they can be found by winning one of the 3 tournament ranks(yes, I mean to change the reward of the minion that is a reward now and exchange it with the 3 minions below). The "Defense" minion will be for #1, "Attacking| for #2 and "Supporting" for #3.





    Here's an example on them(this is the look they will have, but the skills, devs must change them as I stated up, 1 base and 1 expert or 2 experts):






















    name:Ravva Hunter.

    Skills:Deathcall,Thorn Of Death.



    Time:4 Hours.

    type: Offence















    name:Ravva Charmer.

    Skills:Healing touch,Lighting sheild .





    Time:4 Hours.






    Name:Ravva defendor.

    Skill:Fetters of justice ,Valor Aura.







    Time:4 Hours.

    Type: defence



    the idea is simple!

    why rare? i hope devs put those minions as rewards of tourn's!


    Thanks Shilan & thanks for reading!


  2. Not a bad new dung idea, but as for the 2nd+ bosses, each dung in ws is made in a way for a 1 stam finish for all of its stages, so even if the dung made, it should be made for a 1 stam finish in all of its stages.

  3. Your ideas have been suggested before, I have np with the 1st, but please explain the 2nd. No for the 3rd. The 4th will be implemented in the next update for sure because Peter said they forgot it and they may implement it in the next updates.

  4. Why there is no app for forum? It will good to browse directly from app instead of web. Don't u think?

    We need to make some research. If it will be useful - why not?


  5. Could you mark out on the map where the filth mobs are? Thanks. Every where I go the mobs attack in group

    They can be found any place out of the towns of Ayvondil in groups, even in caves. If you can't kill them, you can trick them and take them one by one by evading others and killing one alone. Ask your friends to help too. :)


    Take care and good luck! :)

  6. Clean browser cookies or use another browser. It should help, I hope so.

    I had faced this problem and I will tell you my story and my solution.


    Sometimes when I want to send a ticket, buy mcoins (anything else on ws's site), I write the verification code and it takes time to load the next page, so I press many times on the "Send" button so it loads faster, but I actually discovered that this increases the time of loading the page much more by asking me to re-write another code, xD. So the solution is not to press on the "Send" button many time if the page didn't load fast.

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