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  1. True Nestly, but that doesn't happen a lot anymore. Everyone is busy these days in questing for guilds and farming dungeons @ Ayvondil and like that.


    You have to come back and see things. :P

  2. I don't know if this is the currently active topic on this category, but I had an idea for mages to make them survive slightly better in pvp: 


    Illusion wings


    Mage casts a buff upon himself. While the buff is active, it is impossible to immobilize the mage. (Example: When mage has Illusion wings active and a bd uses ham on mage, the mage can't use skills, takes dmg but can still move).


    The effect would last around 10 secs (Maybe less?) and the cooldown would be around 20 secs (Maybe less?).

    Energy cost 20 energy


    The effect would show white angel wings on mage when active O:-)

    Cannot be cast upon allies.


    I feel like this is a skill that a mage lacks. It gives mage little more time to stay alive instead of just sitting in the middle of fight like a piece of meat. Maybe devs already have a better solution, but it's still a cool sounding skill, right:D

    Delete what you said before some dudes kill you for this idea.


    Sorry, but I disagree on this.


    Good luck! :)

  3. Few notes about this topic for everyone:


    1 - Sorry, I won't post happy birthday posts anymore or edit the 1st post with this month's birthdays, anyone can do it instead of me is welcome.

    2 - You will find no-URL link-accounts with bold color only, these are np because their accounts have been removed but they wrote their names before.

    3 - the list has been re-organised on the birth dates.

    4 - You can lock this post if you want or do whatever you want in it, sorry for everyone, but I got my reasons for doing such a thing.


    Thanks for understanding! :friends:

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