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  1. once again youre wrong, and i dont appreciate your tone of voice.


    r0land confirmed account sharing is legal, but any and all discrepancies arent their own responsibility and instead its all on the owner of said-account 


    an example being you share an account, and he takes all your stuff. well that would be at your own fault, not aigrinds. they will not help you.


    buying and selling accounts however is illegal

    That's why I said:



    If you read the rules of the game once you created your account or tried to search for this before you create this topic, you would know.

    I should continue with "lots of other things", but np.

  2. If you are in a full level 1 party, all of them are offline, and only one of them is level 24, the level 24 can get drops, or am I wrong?

    I will say it again.



    Read this and read it well.


    Additional info about bosses:


    Irselnort bosses:

    - Character of any level can get a piece of equipment

    - Party level shouldn't be higher (than boss's level) to get catalysts, unity signs or minions.


    Faction islands bosses:

    - Party level shouldn't be higher (than boss's level) to get items.


    Bosses in Labyrinth:

    - Character of any level can get a piece of equipment

    - Party level shouldn't be higher (than boss's level) to get catalysts, unity signs or minions.


    Bosses in Dungeon:

    - Character of any level can get a Dungeon item if his character's level is +-2 of the dungeon's level.


    Hydra in Norlant:

    - Character of any level can get a Dungeon/boss item



    Hello. We came to the conclusion that it is time to start translate the items in the database into English. But no one has time to do it.  :
    That's why we decided to ask you. Is there a English-speaking, who understand Russian? and willing to help with the translation of items in the database into English?  :)
    I'm sorry for my english  ;)


    I am ready to help, gonna make an account now.

  4. You need to be member of that guild for 24 hours before you can start receiving the free guild points. Your issue should be gone tomorrow.

    Devs already said this info when they made this feature.


    I hope everyone remembers it. :)

  5. You know that this has been suggested and I do not think they will do anything about it, I report spammers and account sellers using bug reporter, yes you can use it for doing that. I hope they implement this idea.

  6. I am with the idea and I hope they implement it anytime soon.


    I'll speak for myself. There are a lot of costumes that i would love having and the only reason why i don't buy them is because they will be stuck on my inventory forever, taking away precious bag slots that could be used for something else more useful. And i believe i'm not the only one who thinks like that. People won't stop buying extra pockets because of that. Although i believe it should be available for free, It could be added to the game as a Miracle Coin item called "Wardrobe". We already pay for pretty much everything in the game anyway. Besides, it would improve the UI with a more organized inventory. Just my thoughts.

    Each wardrobe you buy increases the wardrobe slots by 4, the max wardrobe slots are 100.
  7. Fixed bugs from the last maintenance has been removed from the topic and others which weren't fixed from the list are still in the list waiting to be fixed.


    This is just a bump.

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