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  1. Im glad people find this funny, because it shows their true colors. Soo stupid sooooo stupid. Jealous people need to back off. Oh and because of this stunt or whatever this is, I quit. So consider this my goodbye.

  2. All can laugh all you want. I play this game to have fun and for someone to ruin it is selfish. It was just strictly online and many people do online relationships so who are you to judge if you do not actually know me.


  3. ok nice responses i see ;D  well i am very proud or my wl and stand by it and will accept a challenge from anyone. ANYONE meaning druids shamans rangers. i do not like to fite mele classes and if i ever do i fite bd and let them hamstring me first before using fear and stun. my logic is if you are not strong enough to kill me within the hamp time then u dont deserve to fite me. after all im only 1100 def and barley any resil. call me noob call me op idc. it is a class that i fell in love with from the very beginning. point in case i wont challenge mele from now on it just isnt a fair fight. :)

  4. You must be a massive failure at life  :facepalm:



    that remark wasnt needed :facepalm:  its people like you that make ALL BR look bad and make the game all that less enjoyable. if your not going to say something nice then scad-dale off this thread and quit trolling like the small limpdick pathetic excuse for a human being that you are.

    Have a nice day :)

  5. Most people have pride its why the world is the shitty place it is


    Pride is the ultimate selfishness




    I think you have pride confused with honor


    Which is what is lacked by calling abusing stun skills at crossing a winning war


    Sounds more like trenches of ww1



    ok chris fair enough BUT pride and honor walk side by side hand in hand such as love and selflessness, hearing and listening, one cannot simply experience one without experiencing the other.

  6. wait a minute i am gonna go to google translate and translate this to english :lol: :lol: :lol:



    ok seriously? theres a ton of warlocks in sapp u obviously just dont know where to look.  Cerberus clan has only about 4-6 wl's and we held the bridge for nearly 3 hrs until we were bored. 

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