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  1. Before the latest update release i was already at the maxumum rep limit of 4500. It was dissapointing to learn that the max rep limit did not increase after the latest update. I'm not sure what the reason is behind this but it is frustrating completing quests only to have those rep points wasted. I'm not asking you to make level 6 available, however i do suggest you increase the max rep limit by 1000 to 2000 points for the time being so that players who are in a similar predicament to myself have a reason to continue playing. Please consider. thanks
  2. Just wondering if any mini boss' drop any rare items on the first island of Melvendil? And if the Genie from Irselnort island drops any items because my party have been farming him for almost 3 weeks and he has never dropped an item. Thanks
  3. Lestat-Bladedancer-US Saphire Having a problem logging in. After i select my server then i select my hero the game kicks me out to my apps page. I'm using an iphone4. My other profile is Skanks-Barbarian-EU Emerald, and that opens fine. Can u give me any advice?
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