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  1. Ofc they have.



    Idk the exact percentage chance of getting each item, but I think that you would theoretically get atleast 1 item from 40 chests. I am not sure at all though.


    Its 100% about players luck...

    One day i opened 200caskets without getting any skin/costume etc. Just cheap crap.

    Other day i opened 6x and got ice warrior...



    Requirements for each study:


    Level 1: 50.000 guild points/70.000 gold/20 unity signs.

    Level 2: 80.000 guild points/120.000 gold/30 unity signs.

    Level 3: 150.000 guild points/150.000 gold/40 unity signs.





    These requirements wont happen since the level 4 guild skills allready cost about 600k gp to study, even to level 1...

    This could be good idea, but not with that high percentage of guild points added.

    Imagine if it stacks with potion, 350% (if great u.pot) more of every guest, that would be sick

  3. how is a druid op ? that's the best joke ever . lets compare druid to shamans

    1. Suppose a druid nd shaman are fighting both r at 1k health then shaman gets combo ( ball normal quake) nd kills druid while druid bees r still tickling

    also quake can lock skill if u r smart enough in its use

    In this situation, if both have 1k hp, the winner will propably be the one that lands a stun first

    2. Lets compare stuns druid cant atk wen shamn blinds bt wen druid roots shaman can atk 

    Roots last much longer than blind and blind raises enemys dodge with huge percentage.

    Roots allso have smaller cooldown than shamans blind

    3.  Abt 4% passive elf skill , mcs also hav 4% passive health . its alwaz good to hav good health high base health specially if u got a full control stun . bcoz during full control stun with crit heal u can get to full health with crits ( higher base health)

    Mcs passive skill doesn't stack unlike elfs, druid deals that extra 4% with every hit and heal

    For example, shaman with 2500hp, gets 100hp extra because of his passive skill, while shaman has 300dmg and 200heal druid with exactly the same gear and does 12 more damage per hit and heals 8 points more, 10x hits this is allready 120 damage more than equally amped and geared shaman shaman.



    now lets compare druid and warlocks in arena



    1. locks hav 2 full control stuns with a time difference of just 2 sec between them , so basically 2 sec is all u get to hit a lock

    Druid can heal, unlike warlock and druids roots cant be evaded like warlocks circle

    2. aoe stun is op in arena u will die without doing doing damage against locks

    Yes, if u are stupid enough to run straight to warlocks circle

    after all this if u still say druids need nerfing u need to consult a doctor soon



    In my opinion... Druid is the strongest 1v1 class in the whole game :blush:  And very good class at 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 allso

    Myikkö sitä muka? xD


    No en  ;D 

    Menikö muuten Eucaki? :bad:


    Kyllä ja kaikki muut accountit (varmaa 6kpl :blush: )

    Sekä puhelin on blockissa et ei pysty sillä ollenkaa pelaamaa, mut tabletil pystyy jos tekis uuen accountin ;D

  5. Kellonajasta sekä poliittisesta suuntautumisestanne riippumaton tervehdys kaikille!

    Ajattelin että tornin auettua mentäisiin yhteisvoimin murhaamaan sen asukit. Muistakaa että Norlantin kaikki tehtävät ja CL pitää olla hoidettuna.

    Tuleekos joku mukaan?


    Tulisin mut necrolla vissiin perma bännit ;D

    Kysyin supportista nii syynä: selling and trading accounts, sekä making and using more than 2 accounts...

    Tolla logiikalla pitäs bännii puolet pelaajista... Ei perkele ;D

  6. That's very good guide now.

    One question, does the amount of shield's health increase with level? Wouldn't it be better to leave shield on lower level, because under constant attack it won't last 14 seconds?


    Yes it increases, ill add it later to guide

    Levelling Deathly Eye won't increase the dot, but Poison Spittle/current dark damage does.


    Ok, i remembered it did (was long time ago when used more than lv1 deathly eye) ;D



    Thx :give_rose:


    Necromancer guide










    Necromancer is a wizard that uses the powers of shadow and darkness, but specifically death and the undead.

    So as we all know, necromancer is a very good support class, but can allso be deadly in pvp. You should pick this class if you love to hunt since necromancers are allways needed for boss hunts and if you want something else than just casual skill spamming in PvP fights.






    Necromancers and Priests heal and shield skills are as good, necromancers just have additional hp loss


    Poison spittle- casual damage skill, gets poison dot dmg added (which can stack) if casted when 2x deathly eye skills are applied to target. range 5 yards, cooldown 7seconds



    Deathly eye- reduce enemy max hp + 2x poison dot. Higher level increase skill duration and amount of max hp reduced, range 5 yards, cooldown 2seconds

    Percentage of reduced max hp per skill used:

    Lv1 = 1x - 3%  2x - 6%

    Lv2 = 1x - 4%  2x - 8%

    Lv3 = 1x - 5%  2x - 10%

    Lv4 = 1x - 6%  2x - 12%

    Lv5 = 1x - 7%  2x - 14% 

    this is very useful especially when hunting many million hp bosses (even though it doesnt apply every time, but keep on spamming the skill)



    Nightmares- propably the best one target disable skill of all, on level 5 it lasts 8seconds and while you are under the effect of this skill, you cant regenerate health or energy. Good in pvp to regen some energy while enemy cant. You can apply deathly eyes during nightmares and it wont break. range 4yards, cooldown 15sec

    Duration of nightmares per level:

    Lv1 = 4sec

    Lv2 = 5sec

    Lv3 = 6sec

    Lv4 = 7sec

    Lv5 = 8sec



    Bone shield- magical bone shield that protects you from damage, useful if you choose to be healer necromancer, drains 4% of your max hp when used,range 4 yeard, cooldown 12sec

    The amount of damage shield can absorb, increases when you level up the skill and amount of your astral magic points affect it too.

    Duration per skill levels:

    Lv1 = 6sec

    Lv2 = 8sec

    Lv3 = 10sec

    Lv4 = 12sec

    Lv5 = 14sec



    Ancient seal-healing skill, useful skill whether you choose to be healer or pvp necromancer, this skill allso drains 4% of your max hp when used, range 4 yard, cooldown 8sec



    Necromancer (like all forsaken) have very good passive skill, it increases energy regeneration with 3 and allso increases moon and dark defence with 3%









    Poison spittle - deathly eye - nightmares - bone shield - ancient seal







    PvP/arena/full support
















    Enchanting your gear with runes and crystals:

    Allways use energy regen runes on both rings and belt, necromancer without energy is pretty much useless everywhere, in hunt and in pvp.



    Use health regeneration in amulet and cloak to compensate hp loss of healing and shielding.



    Accuracy is very usefull stat regardless of your class, allways try to get this stat as high as possible. You can use accuracy crystal in your gloves and in amulet, and personally i like accuracy in amulet more than critical.



    Resilence, you should keep this stat on about 18% on higher levels as it reduces enemy damage and chance to hit you with critical.





    Level 1-8

    On low levels you should, if you can afford, use novice set. It has great damage and heal compared to 1-7 gears found in shop. When you get some rings, enchant them with energy regeneration crystals, this saves you lots of time since you wont need to wait so long for your health and energy to regenerate. You should allso try save some gold from quests to get better staff later.



    Level 9-12

    On level 9, you can find very good gear in shop at first town. With these items you can clear the first map easily. These items cost pretty much for a starter, so if you are low on gold, just get the staff.



    Level 13-16

    In this level, you can hunt for items, or buy them from another players. Items of level 13 are very expencive. You can get decent level 14 staff that you can use till you get new, better one, from granite guard quest. On level 14, you can start do chainless league quests and after you have completed all, you can buy some very good 15level items from dealer. You can allso farm bosses called "berengars guards" (Guntram, Drogon, Lambert) for level 15 items.

    On level 13-14 you should, if you have decent gear and some time, farm for arena points, you will need them later. And at this levels the arena is still pretty easy



    Level 17

    On level 17 you can use desert wanderer items and very good arena items. If you plan to be a healer necromancer, get desert wanderers armors with astral stat and enchant them with dark defence, so you wont die in a second at late lab bosses which give some pretty valuable loot. Try to get level 17 arena staff and enchant it with astral. If you dont have arena points you can buy level 17 laby staff. It isn't as good as arena staff but will do fine.

    If you plan to make a pvp necromancer, you should get arena armours and enchant them with resilence. You need allso amplify your staff and armours if you want to survive.



    Level 18-20

    On level 18 you are able to use pretty much any necro items you find, buy yourself a healing darkness amulet, its luckily not expensive (compared to other 18lv amulets).

    At level 18 you can use stave of sudden stoom instead of arena staff for bigger accuracy, dark damage, critical and astral. Its enchants are allso better than arena staffs. And all this for the cost of a bit resilence.

    As rings you can use what suits you most, 17level rings with accuracy and astral or dark. 13level rings with healt regen,energy, astral and dark, or 15level rings with astral, dark and energy.





    Personally i find this class one of the most funniest to play and that they are completely underrated in pvp, smart (and high amped ofc ;D ) necro can win allmost any class in pvp with correct gear and skillbuild.



    I will edit this more later, And tell me ofcourse if you dont see something here that you think is important for necromancer guide, tell me. ;D


  8. Mielipide kysymys, ite tykkään enemmän käyttää jtn muuta ku full ice ainaki rangerilla, kusee accuracyn ja penen ja dodgen ja ... Eikä niistä hyödy ku 515dmg -> 590

  9. Harmi ettei voida ottaa pvp, mut rehellisesti sanoen shammyt on erittäin helppoja bd:lle, ja rangetkaan ei ole nykyään kovin vaikeita koska se karkotus-skill (en muista nimee) feilaa erittäin usein. Warlockit on pahoja, en ota mielellään pvptä niitä vastaan  :sorry:


    Shammyt erittäin helppoja bdlle :shok:  Mitä 3lv shammyja oikein tapat? ;D :blush: Vai onko ne sit niin huonoja pelaamaan siellä US? :tease:
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